Telepathy conspiracies

I think everyone is acting stupid dumb tattoos bad grades shitty tv shows bad kids I’m an idiot and I’d smack most people as it is a team of six there ridiculously bad school people failed the asvab I don’t think I would why is everyone acting dumb I think everyone can read minds and I told my friends about my delusions h8 how smug he looks and they all faked smiles to ■■■■ with. Me so did my family and my family’s friends threatened to rape me jokingly but I took it serious and believing in religous gods like those books got it right it was written by man and left loose to interpretation and everyone’s ■■■■■■■ with my head on Xbox shooting my mind with gunshots syllables… Like that 2 dots well not really accurate more like making it and my friend left me a message with dots for syllables claiming he’d ■■■■ with my head… We’re gonna play on ur delusions so u can bitch online with gunshots and make you suicidal which I was for week or 2

hunni, y would everyone act dumb just to ■■■■ with ur head? come on, think about it. it’s just not happening. ur parents love u! if u had a child of ur own then u would understand a parents love for their offspring. i have two wonderful kids and i wouldn’t dream of hurting them in any way. no one around u is telepathic. there is no vast conspiracy against u. i’ve been where u r and i know the torture ur going through. i’ve been through it twice now. u wouldve thought i’d have learnt the first time but i didn’t. i couldn’t get past the voices in my head, how real they sounded. how exactly the same as my parents they were, my friends, nurses, drs, psychiatrist, check out girls and boys, dog walkers, strangers ion the street. i heard them all and i was in hell for all the time i believed in it but it didn’t last. and ur belief in it won’t either i promise u. lots of us have been where u r now and probably will b again at some point in the future but it doesn’t last forever. u will achieve a state where u stop believing in it with the right medication and plain experience…please please try and talk to ur parents. they will tell u that it’s not true, as will ur psychiatrist and real friends. what’s more likely? that there is a vast underground network of telepaths including ur family that r all out to get u or that maybe u r ill with a brain disease called schizophrenia? think about it, hope this helps xxx

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I found out real quick not to talk about my triggers and beliefs or what doctors call “delusions” because there really are people out there that will mess with you. And that is screwed up! So I feel ya on that one

I’ve always been in it and never got out of it. It’s really hard to believe that its not real and sometimes when people try and tell me its not real it makes the telepathy feel way more real. It’s hard to believe its just the sz! Especially when I know its real! I keep trying to tell myself its not real but its a losing battle

I’m still trying to figure out how it works and if I can stop it.

love hearing about others going through this same ■■■■ though. Were not telepaths they are. Its funny how telepath isnt even a word. Love to meet one of you in person to see if you’d telepath me just like the rest. Then I’d know its me

People shoot on Xbl with intent to ■■■■ me or I was the first person to shoot messages and I’m always gettinga wrong message and they don’t no but if I smoke pot I hear voices in voices sync up even with old tv shows prolly so I guess it’s prolly not real and nething syncs up but when I ask people are they shooting messages they won’t tell me I use 2 get an answer from anything people use 2 sing along with me But ppl are different I guess

Bryanashley I have the angles to help you reason out go delusions telepathy angles or something made a topic

The mind can be spoken to and they even have technology that can read it now, yes, telepathy is real and always was.

And it’s nothing magical at all, the principles behind it are actually scientific, it’s simple, the mind is substance and can be read and spoken to, even with machines.

The memory can also be looked into, someone could tell you something about your past that you had long since forgotten.

Perhaps we should stop calling it “telepathy”, let’s just call it what it is, to make it simple, ill leave you to rename it. It’s not a super power or magic.

electromagnetic resonance across similar structures that have evolved inside the earths biosphere which also resonates at the same frequency. We all radiate em patterns. To me it seems like a lot of people can decipher them. If only there was hope that there was a way for someone to prove its NOT real I’d be so relieved. Its been an embarrassing ride having them “process” me. But for now it still seems like its not going to stop so I just have to deal with being continuously psycho-analysed. I believe a great deal of human beings stare through each other and for some reason the general rule is to not use this power although I’ve seen it happen.

I’d put all my money those that have sweated zabout me couldn’t but I was flat and aggravated probably but I couldn’t sweat about me I would talk to me unless that part of the airport I could get a gun in and a stat says a shooter looks like me no one here can read your mind though that means the government is keeping tabs on them we would need to know something about your mind and if we could if I could and wanted you to believe we can’t I could convince you using your knowledge if not none of us were informed or could at least I wasn’t and no cheater in school was and with focus and what may it be I believe only one at a time that sounds like a lot of man power unless it’s just your actions if it’s pure Thoth I believe they need to know about the subject unless there keeping tabs because of science and school but that is good money probably I don’t believe they have enough men on paper or not much can or there’s a lot of secret shoppers like Walmart and if they’d do that keep tabs only a few can unless every school shooting was allowed to happen and it’s just cracked eggs for an omelet or spilled milk but JFK and other people dieingg wouldn’t you be able to zoom in a bit or a aura about it I believe JFK was probably smart if not other assassins presidents unless it’s not a smart thing unless there eggs 2

Economic or government downfall is key or there a ting dumb the consumer greater good or greater wealth

If it isn’t the subject of your ought and hes smoking a cigarette I believe a generals job is to figure out the logistics of battle or whatever like possible enemy locations or someone’s war unless it’s code of war not to do it

To what extent can they read your mind I no for a fact not flow truly possible what’s he wondering or his worries or something which isn’t telepathy if enough people can there’s an honor system or a stalemate conspiracy people of power do it to eachothervto make sure we can or it’s rare and not enough people 2 do it if ey can’t monitor eachother odd umber rare not magical cant zone in or powerless if powerless what are mistakes about stock market if it requires no info or it’s to a degree if it’s to a degree and not your information it’s irrelevant it can’t be though or it’s magical maybe a genius could you can’t no your information off waves you could no what he wonders about some people probably could only smart people. Long your pretext sting information condition and intelligence maybe some smart people could actually I dot no why are you perfect like an equation and what would you need to know if someone could a genius could for a fact John Nash videos can say or were to stuck in our crazy to do it in general but his son going crazys an unforeseen variable what makes you an unforeseen variable

Bryan what do they know have you reasoned out?

Its a natural phenomenon that involves the consciousness and brain electricity, though your consciousness doesnt need the organic brain “computer” hardware…tis why people live on after death…When these things happen it is simply our consciousness becoming more aware of alternate realities and extra-dimensions,

The thought of an afterlife scares me. My voices tell me I’m going to burn in hell. If I wasnt damned to hell the afterlife seems like a pretty cool idea. I mean if heaven was anything like our dreams. Or maybe we are just set loose into the collective subconscious. Anycase these days Im more a fan of the you lie and then you die and that is it. Some people probably deserve to burn in hell but I cant really imagine heaven being any fun either. Unless its a place where everyone’s emotions are fixed into happiness. To me lucid dreams are like a personal heaven. But the dimensions of the dreams seem unbiased in providing you with a good or bad experience, they do both. I always find it interesting what the people in my dreams have to say

Voices sometimes try and scare people about hell, but there is forgiveness in Jesus and if a person connects with Gods salvation then there is nothing to fear…in fact thats when you can have authority over the voices…and even if they continue to try and scare you, you can put them in their place…tell the voices they are going to hell! Turn it back around…


Yeah man, but I just can’t bring myself to believe in Jesus. So I guess I’m on my own. Were human beings really just born to worship things. I mean we have a long tradition of doing so in the past, but I just think that formal worship shouldn’t be required in human life. My god doesnt care what you worship or what your faith is, if you have a good soul suited to heaven then you pass if your soul needs work you are sent to hell to be refined or something like that. I dont know what to believe but taking to Christianity is unlikely for me

I honestly think man made religion made worship and issue when it never really was. When Jesus walked the earth he hung out with people as friends, and although they were in awe of some of the powers he displayed, all Jesus really said was to follow his example and be born of the Spirit…
Religion has made a mockery of that by requiring a set of observances.