Feeling stupid

About three months ago I tried to convince my brother that the world is writing a book about me. They know all my ins and outs from the date of my birth. It was almost a sort of God delusion. (delusion of grandeur).

To top it all I conviced my sister that the last time I saw the dentist they implanted a nano microphone and transmitter in my tooth.
At the time of the procedure they installed a pin to strengthen the tooth on which a root canal has been done. I convinced my sister that this was like a Hollywood movie but it’s for real.
She wanted to arrange with another dentist to remove the device.

I feel so stupid about all of this.


I thought a lot yesterday that somebody gave me a lobotomy or it was done through a satellite. Those thoughts stink.

It is terrible to feel and think that way. It is ok to share it on this forum or with our psychiatrists but not so cool to share it with friends and family whilst psychotic.

You just can’t let yourself get caught up in that stuff I guess.

People just don’t understand if they’ve never been through it.

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When I told my brother about all of this he said that it’s the illness and that everything is real in MY mind… Which is actually true. But you’re right. Even with that insight people do not really understand.

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I think in Med School the students need to take the antipsychotics so they know what they are prescribing.

That really sucks. I had had similar delusions. I know how stressful they can be. Sorry you are going through that.


Thank you @Hop3. My psychiatrist prescribed Valium for me on top of my Abilify and Lamotragine. It really helped me through the worst patch of psychosis.

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They really are horrible thoughts. All they are are thoughts with no real insight into anything, that just get stuck in our head for no reason only. I don’t really believe in magic or government conspiracies, just stupid random voices and visions that are meant to creep us out for no reason. It doesn’t matter how bad it may seem, as long as we don’t really hurt anybody, we are okay. It’s just stuff we deal with during times of isolation because we feel neglected. Sorry for what you guys are going through. I hope I haven’t offended or upset anybody.


Does it ever really stop? All they are are fake Delusions that never come true, PERIOD.

During this time I also accused my niece of a black magic conspiracy against me. I really wonder what these people think of me.

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I never accuse anybody for anything, nor do I accept responsibility, I’m just a lonely guy who keeps to himself unless spending time with family and critters. I’m a very low functioning sz.

You see the thing is that I don’t always directly accuse people. I told my sister that her daughter (my niece) is in on the magic conspiracy and I told my sister about the dentist. I never confronted my niece or the dentist directly.

It is as if I sort of test the waters about my thoughts first with my sister and brother. A sort of reality check. Not that I believe their responses at that time.

My only advice is to refrain from talking about this type of thing to children and teens. An adult would be better equipped to deal with these things, but it’s not fair to try to discuss these things with someone too young.

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