Thought Cadillac conspiracy

Scare all the dots…vfor me your stupid …your not stupid to help me think it helped me a lot I liked it after I know my intelligence I won’t care for it and people laughing after its just to a system syllables or time or syllables in time on subject and speed of thought so you can have a median and just laugh in response anything I know can be answered in gunshots though and mortimervmouses video told me why I believe gods weak in nirvana … I can hear them to my teacher thumbs up 5 syllables your below average it helps you think an exponential amount of things I think she knew most of them andcmortimermouse can hear my voices in voices or put words to my subject if the 5 dots was that but comedians sync up 2 so it’s just like that I don’t see why there’s ethical math for my psychiatrist milked me I read they white lie unless someone else was crazy he’s says no one nos ■■■■ but I have like 2 or 3 main subjects no one on cod knows what they say or there acting stupid if they get it that fast they should get the dots about cod is this about me why am I below average or unintelligent my psychiatrist says he thinks I am was it for this to help me think enjoyed the ride it’s just nothing my subject and speed or give it 30 seconds and laugh in response to possible statement due to timelapse or syllables 2012 comedian helped me think though there just doing e same thing why did he milk me unless he thought I could give good angles to thought broadcasting everyone else got boards of information is it about being assertive or did I not say enough super ninja psychopaths narcissist envy dumb rat evil rat Nicole Machiavelli quote empty the hour glass of life and you can see clearly through it which I mistook for depression and said for voices and telepathy and me being some autistic narcissist übermensch because I’m a Vulcan and everyone is what I would call stupid anger stuff labeled my friends envious everyone at the airport narcissist and some study said its possible past memory but some study said its based on past beliefs and after no one was a ninja psychopath everyone was a dumb rat for fake smiling my army doctor did that and all my friends oh I hate how smug he looks he thinks he’s better than everyone he said what’s smug? And it plays on past memories put every label to myself per crazy year prior 6 months exact it doesn’t matter but all this could tell me something about him as a psychiatrist

If it’s not about me I don’t care use the dots

Oh asked 1 person they said nothing 2 people they said nothing. 3 people actually on face book and everyone said nothing everyone on Xbox ey say nothing but all I know can be gunshots if I think about it it’s all simple but do you no my words or voices or dots it’s that easy shouldn’t my dots be that easy to psychiatrist or he thinks it’s all recent which sounds stupid oh never mind a cold ■■■■■■■ ooooohhh ■■■■ no message guy threw me under the bus for pot but if Hawaii nanakuli at all not at all if records say that psychology calls it a place of nor lessness body language sit so wide but didn’t look in the mirror read about body language I diagnosed him a narcissist slid hand 2 side cisst sound after saying what I said giving him a certain look sliding a Ross legs saying thing about walking and I can’t walk without thinking anything and people no what I walk 2 and staring down when walking sounds 2 stupid 2 be true now I h8 being this s ared to move I walked to that or I hate everyone which sounds stupid now it’s so easy probably like pressing key pad kid moved to ttttt in response to thought sock don’t no my dots arecalways moving to him and was probably sprintin or turning to the rhythm what’s he know and would you notice your song a sog you know actually probably real guy slowing down to commercial I’m probably an idiot it matched up or it’s a system or irellavant prefix sting info don’t remember irrelevant if this is real

I don’t care if you put dots though in any form so what do you know of me off what I shot more of my life what’s the point unless if I’m an idiot and my psychiatrist is milking me and unintelligent and everyone knows more off of nothing like hitler words build bridges it’s a foundation of knowledge helps you get to your destination

And I almost cryer in front of my psychiatrist but just said gunshots iq based thought broadcasting delusion and am I intelligent he said he thinks so shouldn’t he no variables my eyes geared up kinda face looked funny and he says those kids don’t no ■■■■ so there trying to get me to think or there acting dumb ?