This new year will be

It will be a year and six months since my last psychosis. But i am still not going to drink any alcohol this new year.


i am happy for you.
take care

Good for you, all I hope for the new year is to be better than this year, this year had been the second worse year in my life.

This year I’m going to save like mad and put into action my plans to make some money. I’m going to change my life one step at a time. The first rule is no takeaways. That will save me loads each month and I can put that towards my savings. Once I have enough I’m going to set my ideas in motion. I’ve given myself two years to save as much as possible. I’m changing my life one step at a time starting on December 31st.

This new year will year six… wow, year six since I tried to leave this life. It will also be year six sober. It will also be year two that I’ve been living out of my head in and in the world around me.


Congrats on your progress! And for not drinking!

This new year will be 8 years and 6 months that I’ve been sober. It’s been SO worth all the effort and hard work!

I hope to improve my mental and physical health this year. Stabilize, and avoid any emergencies that affect not only me, but my friends and family as well. I hope to be a better friend. More independent. More successful and prosperous.

I’m wishing for healthy and happiness for all of us!

Happy Holidays,



Good that you are doing some good for yourself are you adding any thing to that list? Fixing up your places maybe? Asking old friends from school to a outing a trip to see a uncle? I’m land hunting need some country air!

I think your doing really well. I’m really inspired by your progress and your ability to keep pushing yourself.

Congratulations on the 8 and a half years sober. It’s hard work as you well know. I’m really happy for you.

I’m only at 5… 6 years sober in a few days. Your right, sobriety is better then drinking ever was.

This year i hope will be the year i get more into shape. In the year 2014 i will go from 4 currently to 5 years free of psychosis hopefully. :slight_smile:


Thanks J! That’s very encouraging. I just keep trying to keep moving forward and not let symptoms set me back.

Sobriety was the ONLY way to go for me. Drugs worsened my positive symptoms. And drinking worsened the negative. Plus, mixing any of that with psych meds is a BAD idea.

I was really put to the test at the beginning of 2013, when I met a neighbor who offered me drugs. He was super persistent and pressured me a lot. Thankfully, I was able to say NO, and cut off contact with him.

I’m still thanking the higher power for giving me that strength, to say no–even under the toughest circumstances.

Clarity of mind is a blessing! And I’m not going to mess with that!




Congrats to you Anthony for having the courage and strength to say no. congrats to everyone on their sobriety. :slight_smile:

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This new year will be… new?

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I really hope this year will be better for me. 2013 I had psychosis for like six months. I hope I meet a friend or two. Maybe get a girlfriend.


I’ve only been sober for six months and psychosis-free for about three. I’m just getting used to a new life, without voices or delusions or bottles of whiskey and stable days of school and workouts instead. I am having to adjust to a new life, but I feel like I am healthier than ever. I feel wiser now that I’ve been THROUGH hell and I dont live there anymore.


About the same as the last. The stories will be different.

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2 years sober for me.

Drinking affects me in a very bad way. I get really depressed and feel like crap.

I think being forced not to drink is a blessing, since so many people have so many problems with the booze.

Take care.

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