What will you be doing to ring in the new year

For the New Year’s Eve? I have no plans for the Eve. I don’t drink any more and watching people jump around and drink and get silly… That’s not my life anymore. The kid sis said she’s turning off her phone and going to catch up on some much needed sleep. :smiley:

I like New Years Day though. That is the day were 75% of the city is hungover and the streets are empty and my sis and I can have the park to ourselves. This year I’m going to join my kid sis in the Polar Bear Plunge. It’s 6 bucks to join and have the breakfast after.

The sis sort of got a team together. Some of the family and some of her lifeguard team, and me, we’re all going to hit the cold water… :open_mouth: This will be her third year. Money goes to the Special Olympics Foundation.


When I was in italy in the military, I remember I worked nights. And my lunch would be 4 in the morning… And instead of eating, I’d go out and walk around the base. Pitch black, all quiet… nobody awake. It was so peaceful… Food for the brain.

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Cringing. Moaning. The usual.

I stopped celebrating New Year’s Eve several years ago, when I quit drinking. Being sober at midnight, watching everyone else get messy drunk, is NO FUN!

I go to bed early, put in some ear plugs (so I don’t get awakened by the loud neighbors), and get some much-needed rest.

New Year’s Day is a special day for me though. I sit and meditate and come up with new goals for the year. I usually order some good food and just use the day to contemplate. It’s super relaxing and refreshing.




That sounds like a great day. A day of focus and rejuvenation. Very cool. It sounds like 2014 is already shaping up to be a different year for you. Reading about how much your challenging yourself and how hard your working makes me smile. Your getting out more, you’re connecting with friends more, your using your medical knowledge here on the forum. I think your doing really great.

Contemplation is my plan for tomorrow. It’s my re-birthday tomorrow. Breakfast with some family and then some focus time. So I try and clear off Dec 30th and use it to be thankful I’m still alive, really look at how far I’ve come from that dark day five years ago to this one. Plus I have some items from that negative time that I feel I can finally burn and let go of.

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Thanks for the encouragement, J!
I realize that I have come a long way this year. And I’m going to make 2014 much healthier and brighter!

I like your plans for your rebirth day. You should be very proud of yourself for all you’ve done to improve your life since that dark day. And for continuing to move forward!

I like the idea of burning negativity from the past. I did this with my journals that I kept when I was unmedicated and extremely symptomatic. I found no positive use for them anymore. So they went up in flames!

Very cleansing. I hope you experience the same feeling of cleansing and new hope :slight_smile:



Wow… You burnt your journals? I am very impressed. I’m trying to get to that point. I know they don’t hold any answers or key’s to my recovery. I know they are just pages of babbling into hate and anger. I am trying to get to the point of letting them go. I want to… I just haven’t been able to yet.

What a great moment of cleansing… just burning that part of the past and truly being done with it. I am now going to try to get to that point in earnest.

Yes, it seems very dramatic lol. But I found that burning them was the only way to move forward.

When I was unmedicated, I was very deluded. I thought I was blessed with magical powers and was having premonitions. I actually liked that idea, and it was hard to give up.

So, with burning the journals, I rejected those delusions and symptoms. It really helped me see the truth about my illness, and take steps to come back to reality.

I hope that you’re able to let go of the past too! It sounds like you’re doing a great job already!



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just chilling out… and being very very very very very smug when people say how hungover they are mwahahahahaha/


I will be with my girlfriend. We will be home. We might have some sort of a special meal to celebrate the new year.

I wouldn’t have met her if it wasn’t for me hearing voices.

Did you bump into things? I’m even glad when my refrigerator cuts off.

Hopefully on New Years Eve my brother will take me to eat fried scallops.

i will b hosting a party for my nearly 17 year old daughter and her friends. buffet, alcohol, late night. i may even get dressed up and put on some make up and do my hair! photos to follow on facebook i think. although none of me coz i’m fat and ugly!

I have no plan for New Years Eve. I will miss my son as he is studying in Sydney and I am back here in Nanjing. He said he won’t visit me during this vacation. Probably I will go out for dinner with my husband. But after eating out so often in this freezing season I feel like staying home quietly with a cup of hot chocolate and an interesting book. I still have to write one more journal paper for publishing as required by the university job. So lots of stress given that I am still suffering from morning sedation and low concentration.


Will probably have a few friends over and they will fit into the recreational fun of drinking and getting belligerent drunk. I however will not partake in that part. And on New years day my mother always has a good luck new year meal. She cooks the same thing every January 1st. Fried chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans, corn, and rolls. Should be yummy :slight_smile:

I’ll be going out to a bar in NYC with my boyfriend and some friends… should be great fun :slight_smile:

I will be watching some New Year’s eve programming on television and that’s probably it.

i’m going to a night service supper and i think there will be lots to keep us entertained :slight_smile: my friend sweep is coming :slight_smile:

idk what i will be doing on the first day of 2014 tho :cake: lol