This Laughter?

One of the features of my partners sz was laughter… But like Inappropriate laughter. At times hysterically laughing at me or to himself. I must say that it made me a bit insecure…or that I thought there was maybe lipstick on my forehead or something :S
Sinse he was/is in denial of his illness (and won’t talk about it) I wonder what caused it… Were his voices saying something funny? Were they making fun at me? Did he see me in some distorted way? Anyone had this kind of laughter for yourself or others? Thanks x

Laughing when there’s apparently nothing funny going on is a common thing to see with the mentally ill. It can be unnerving and annoying but it’s important to realize that things are going on in their head that they most likely can’t control. They were probably laughing at something completely unrelated to you.



I’ve heard my good friend Jon do this when in a particularly deep psychosis. He’d laugh for no apparent reason. A kid in the group I’ve been attending also does this. I’ve always assumed it was in response to hearing voices.

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One of the issues with being autistic is that I will see patterns in things where others can’t. Some of them strike me as humorous. So I wind up laughing at things no one but me (or someone with similar mental wiring) can perceive.


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Yeah I thought too…

My brother does this once in a while. It used to be more often when he wasn’t doing well. It has nothing to do with me. Something in his mind would make him laugh. Something would strike him as funny and he would laugh.

My brother also has what the family calls a cross wired laugh. It’s sort of loud and shallow and has shortness to it. Sometimes, when something is deeply and overwhelmingly emotional, this cross wire laugh happens.

He doesn’t think the situation is funny at all. It’s just the hit of emotion triggered the response. He can’t help it. It’s vastly different from his genuine warm laugh. When that cross wired laugh happens, it’s a cue that he’s having a hard time.

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Similar to his then…

Would your ex laugh at stuff that was overwhelming?

For my brother, it’s a deep emotional hit, or something that has deeply upset him.

The biggest example was when our Dad was in hospital for a heart attack, my brother was triggered into this laugh.

He was NOT happy our Dad was in hospital. He was scared and deeply concerned. But this laugh happened. My brother hates it when his cross wiring does this.

I’m used to it. I know what’s going on, but others don’t and he feels ashamed when it hits him.

I honestly don’t know because it could come out of nowhere… And because he is in denial (and therefore there’s nothing wrong with him :wink: ) he would not reply at all, or get angry… But never tell me why.

aliens tell me jokes …but they are not always funny…!?!
take care

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Alright, that explains it then :wink:

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When I was heavily into a withdrawl, I would make up jokes silently and laugh out loud at them, even in public. I hope it doesn’t hurt your feelings, but he is probably not even aware of you at these times.

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I laughed a lot when I was in a psychosis, because there were so many funny things the voices said. When I started taking meds, I stopped laughing.


No… he didn’t hurt my feelings with that, maybe making me feel a bit uncomfortable, but that’s it. (There were other issues that were unacceptable)
Just wondering how common this is in SZ and what causes it. I appreciate all insight…

Yeah, I’ve run into people who laugh for no apparent reason all the time. I always assumed it was the voices too.

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I started laughing when my shrink asked me if I was suicidal. She was offended by my laughter. I could not help it. It just started to bubble and I could not stop it.

I see funny things in some situations that noone else sees and I can start laughing alone.


I knew someone who laughed when she thought of something funny. Then it would happen again. Someone would say - What are you laughing at? - Sometimes again. She was schizophrenic, but not psychotic at the time.

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Hmm, well in his case when he laughs like that he is definitely psychotic. I can see it in his eyes :frowning:

My son laughs out loud for no apparent reason when he is not doing well. Hysterically when it gets bad. He denies having voices but I don’t know. It’s either voices or random thoughts that he finds funny. Before his break in September of last year he found thoughts or internal pictures of peoples faces melting extremely funny.

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Here the exact same thing. Exactely that- hysterically laughing. Also denied hearing voices, but I know that that’s not the truth because he would hold whole conversations with ‘someone’ or ‘something’. Also when I would talk to him that he would answer someone else or something else in between…

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