Roommate laughing

WTF am I supposed to do? He occasionally laughs at me and I just shrug it off or laugh at him or get mad. He’s in his room laughing right now and I thought he was laughing at me and I was going to knock on his door and ask him WTF is so funny? I was just getting up and it occurred to me that he might be watching funny videos or listening to something funny. IDK what to do, how am I supposed to tell the difference between him laughing at me or laughing at something else? I already called him a fuc*ing jerk. The problem would be solved if he never laughed at me at all.

Yeah it would drive me nuts too living with people I don’t know. I had so many problems living with people I did know!

Take the high road and just try and get by. It’s not ideal but I don’t think it’s a big conspiracy against you. It’s just you picking up on everything around you which is a particularly schizophrenic thing to do.

Put some headphones on some good 70’s rock and do what you want to do! It’s nice these days with bluetooth headphones. You can block out a lot of the rubbish!

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