This is the worst phenomana I've ever experienced in my life except maybe the time McDonalds got my order right once


I’m making light of it but I can’t see any solution in my situation except to move out.

I share walls with the neighbors. Virtually every neighbor is doing something to me and I can’t fight them all off in my apartment because when I focus on intimidating one of them or playing games back like them, my back is exposed and the other one will play on the weakness. It’s coming from virtually all directions. It does not happen all day but it happens often enough so it’s very mentally exhausting. I don’t regret anything I’ve done to them even if they drove me out of here to a shelter. I’m winning enough battles but I am surely going to lose the war. (maybe).

In other news today; Forecast for today is partly cloudy with chance of precipitation, Iraq is gearing for confrontation, the worlds biggest diamond was just found in a South African diamond mine, Trump is still being a petty tyrant.

Stay tuned…Film at 11:00 pm.

Any and all suggestions would be appreciated.


Over sensitivity like that may be an internal problem not an external one.

I was overly sensitive like that when I was off meds.

It could be that your meds have pooped out and are no longer working like they should. (This can happen).

So. Before you make any rash decisions I’d let your doctor know how you’re feeling and be open to the possibility that the meds aren’t doing their job as well as they used to.


Yeah I’ve gone through this neighbour ■■■■ too. But apparently what I believed to be happening wasn’t really happening and it was all in my head.

Needless to say I moved…and then they were following me in their cars to see where I had moved to so they could continue to harass me.

They were doing allll kinda ■■■■. But apparently I was delusional.

I still don’t know. But I’m glad I ■■■■■■■ moved.

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I’ve had the opposite where I thought all my neighbors were planning to marry me and were sending messages through the lights they have set up outside their garages. I’m very thankful for my meds.


Are you Mormon? Were they Mormon?

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What are your other options, besides moving out?

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I’m trying to figure out how to stay. I’ve had a few possible solutions. I know it’s possible for them reasonable, so I have been pondering my options. One option is to just simply talk to them and work something out.

Even if just one neighbor decided to let me alone that would ease the pressure of dealing with the rest. I have to admit, I hate their guts (in a nice way, lol) but this sh*t they pull is fascinating and interesting, 10% of me find it fascinating. 90% of me hates it and makes me detest them. I’ve been brainstorming this problem. The problem with them is that they have screwed me over really bad numerous times and it’s almost impossible to forgive them.
And the mental health agency who gave us this building wants to believe that nothing is going on and everybody is nice. When I bring it up I get the feeling they don’t want to believe anything bad. They don’t want anybody rocking the boat probably because it would make more work for them.


They should care more. What have the neighbors done?


I’m not going to get into it.

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Okay. I respect that.

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Thank you………….

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  1. Clear the air with the neighbors, one neighbor at a time. Ask to speak with them. Explain yourself. Listen to their perspectives.

  2. Organize a whole building meeting. Let everyone share. It doesn’t need to be in anger. It can be advertised as a positive time to discuss how to do life better together.

  3. Contact the mental health agency and let them know your concerns and ask them how they plan to address it.

  4. Move out.

  5. Do nothing.

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Well hell my upstairs neighbor drops things on the floor follows me into the bathroom has his minions call me hoe. His obese girlfriend tells him to leave me alone ( I’ve heard her say this) and he doesn’t listen. They w t us to move so bad. Why don’t they ■■■■■■ move? And no I’m not hallucinating.

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Thanks, it’s common sense.

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The roommate that was horrible and scary moved out of the house last week. I’m still discovering things missing from my room. I completely understand how bad it can be.

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Meaning I had no idea how much she was stealing…not that someone else is now.

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@77nick77. Can you inquire about moving to an upstairs apartment? You would likely hear your neighbors less that way.

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I guess I’m just very open minded.

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Yes, @Moonbeam, the counselor suggested that, it’s under consideration.

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I know you’re trying to help me @LouiseG and I know you didn’t mean #5 maliciously but for the record, I have talked to both neighbors and the counselor suggested I write letters to clear the air because I’ll admit, some of these problems may just be in my mind. Some. But I wrote the letters.