This is the worst phenomana I've ever experienced in my life except maybe the time McDonalds got my order right once


Sorry, @77nick77. I didn’t mean doing nothing as a passive act. Sometimes we are called to wait - neighbors move out, or they stop, or they have a prick of heart and they apologize.

I’ve followed your posts, so I know you’ve worked VERY hard to address the issue as wisely and effectively as you can! And I hope and believe your efforts will pay off!

I want relief for you! Home can be a sanctuary, and how comfortable we feel there greatly affects our mood, our attitudes, our sleepy etc. I just want the best for you!

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Hi @roxanna. I believe that much of what you say about your neighbors is true but on the other hand I believe you are wrong about some of it. I believe you are wrong sometimes due to faulty perceptions caused by this stupid disease. But when I lived alone for six years in a studio, when I used my bathroom the woman below me would stomp loudly into her bathroom. She did this a million times. It drove me crazy. So I believe you on that point too. But like I said, you are wrong sometimes.

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