This is how I feel

Do you ever feel sad and sorry for people? I don’t mean pity. Sometimes I don’t like people. But then I will see how alone someone is and it just hits me how sad the human condition is. Ultimately we are all alone in this world.


Yeah, those shows about how little the families in the third world countries really get to me. Especially the little kids.
Those commercials for the SPCA where those abused dogs and cats are very sad to me.

I am from a developing country,a little better than third world,I feel sorry for myself and people whom I called combatants who suffer from schizophrenia,it’s a tough illness really

I do feel that way some times. There were a few guys in hospital with me who never had a family visit. Never saw these people’s family members. That really made me sad for them.

I send cards to my friends who are an elderly couple at their eighties. I thought they are lonely so the beautiful cards I post could bring some warm memory to their life. In fact they post beautiful cards to me , too.

I cherish these little nice things in my life. Hope you guys often receive cards and flowers in your life.


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Some of loneliness can be brushed off if you get along with yourself.

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77nick77 you are a very sympathetic, empathetic and compassionate person.

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I get out there and make myself seen. I used to feel all alone, now I make sure that people know my name. Im very ambitious, I want to get a PhD and I am a competitive powerlifter. I see my life as an opportunity that I have one shot at. We’re all slowly dying, one day closer to our graves. Sometimes I stop and enjoy life and do what I want. Some days I just want to be ten years older with the title “Dr.”

I feel sorry for people who try and fail. I don’t feel sorry for people who make stupid mistakes. I had every right to quit life when I was a raging unmedicated alcoholic, but I took honors classes and made a 3.5 and kept my full scholarship to college. I am a very serious person, I am on the fine line between remarkable and pitiful. One pill away from beating normal people at their own game or being a self destructive schizophrenic.

Today I was too anxious to workout. I went to class, took a quiz and left immediately. I then was just in anxious agony, started thinking about drinking again but managed to take a nap and then woke up feeling relatively normal.