I feel alone most of the a time people don't love me people are not kind

I’m not asking for sympathy or pity or suchjust that most people don’t understand me as much I am on I am strange take me for what I am if Google was a heart gives in. let me enlighten you just a little bit. my life isn’t perfect but nobody’s is. i cleaning on those things but I hold dearly the most most people do seems like a joke. so I’m a sometime recover from schizophrenia or not doesn’t really minor I give it a lot. I’ve given far more than my blood my life and my soul find the answer to this goal and now that I’m damaged worn down and then I haven’t the means to give in… so if I’m rambling please understand nobody loves me and that’s a command.


I’m concerned about you…you seem like you are having some problems with your thoughts…thess posts are not like you. Have you gone off your meds? Would hate to see you in a tailspin. Try to nip it in the bud. I always enjoy reading your posts…but honestly, this one makes no sense. I’m sorry that you feel no one cares for you. I don’t think that is true though. I can. And there are probably others here as well who do. Hang in there and do what you have to do to get well.


Aww I still love you the greatest Dr Zen, who wouldn’t?
…a fool that’s who.


Hey, Buddy!


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Hope that you feel more upbeat/better soon @TheGreatestDrZen

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awww Dr. Zen. you know I love you. I am sorry I haven’t called lately. I will give you a call today. hang in there buddy. I know your life is tough. Mine is too. I miss you.


**I love you and I love your drawings :pencil2:
Don`t let SOME people get you down! **


I expect it’s pretty safe to say that at least 90% of the people who read your posts have been down this road… and that 100% of that 90% are Right Here With You.

If you’ve stopped taking your meds, or they’re not working well enough to handle to this depression, I hope you’ll get down to the clinic chop chop. One thing we have to do is take action on our own behalf. The clinics are often overwhelmed, but they will almost always respond to those who Step Up.

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Your drawings suck but being a part of sz forum,I like you a lot.

Dr. Zen, I value your contributions 100 percent.

Is there something that can be done to change the outcome of this present feeling of being isolated?

Can you refrain from posting in his threads?


Dr. Zen you are an artist. I love your work and I love you. Keep on creating. Hugs*

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@petester you’re a real ■■■■■■■ for saying that. Dr. Zen is really down and you insult him? ■■■■ you.

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Ok I told zen that being part of the forum …I like him a lot …and I do.

You complain about his Art often. I prefer that you not post in his threads.

I was referring to zen as a person **** you

@TheGreatestDrZen, I count you as my friend. I dig your self-confidence, your wit, your Art—always ends up powerfully visual over here, your poetic wisdom.

There is a decent quality that originates from folks who know a thing or two about Zen. And although I want a major portion of your suffering to be gone, I realize that some suffering–the kind that revolves around empathy and compassion for this planet–requires an outlet that you productively provide.

You are never entirely alone. Others feel what you feel, too. I enjoy the album The Distance To Here. This song is called Run to the Water.