I feel so targeted

I feel so targerted… like everyone just hates me, all i ever do is show people kindness… but even wihout them talking to me its like they throw it in my face… i sometimes feel like theyre just jealous of me because im such a good person (sounds bigheaded, i know) but then i think, jealous of what? of the girl who cant even read a book without slurring and speaking weird? the girl who’s socially awkward? But its their fault, they expect the wrong things, like me dressing inapropriately, NO! i respect my body, i was raised well…
school again soon, same old story…

i cant think straight, at night everything seems to slow down- like if the tv is on the people speaking seem to be really slow and the sounds are loud, i cant even explain… i Just need help, please tell me im not alone guys

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@winningwoman hi
I feel so sorry for you right now - it sounds like you are really in the midst of schizophrenia. … once when I was at my lowest ebb I thought I would never get any better but heres hope I did get better so this means so could you too.
Im pleased to hear that you are being good all the time - I used to do that and I found that this made it impossible for the voices to call me a bad person at all. I know its a strain but try not to worry there is light at the end of the tunnel, just keep on keeping on and you will be alright.
Take care and keep strong
Love kate xxx

You have the people on this site to be your friends. Are you getting out much? It’s hard to meet people if you stay in all the time.

thank you Kate, and will do

Sometimes i do but im scared people won’t like me it them voices again telling me im no good…

I feel like this sometimes. I’ve found that I’m really oversensitive to others opinions.

It’s hard. Really hard. I don’t have any magic advice outside of, you’re living for you. Help others, but know that they may not reciprocate. Be nice, but know that not everyone is like you.

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Affirm yourself, “Even though I feel targeted, I wont’ allow it to conflict with today’s goals.”

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