Thinking positive

Okay, let me see if i can actually do this, just have to think of something.

Positive, here we go.

I bet seeing whales would be fun.

Spring and fall are nice.

I enjoy a good meal.

People are great and capable of so many things.

Having a pet is fun.

I like parks.

Sports are fun.

Trees are beautiful.

This is hard.


keep up the positive thoughts pansdisease…you can find hope if you try hard enough…!! I am on “your side” and know how hard being content really is…


I’m proud of you, pans.


It’s good to dwell on the simple pleasures of life. That’s what keeps me happy.


Stay strong buddy. I like a lot of the same things you like.


That’s great you’re trying to be positive!! It makes a big difference on how much you suffer. If you view the world as a dark place you’re going to experience it as such. And if you have trouble your meds may need to be adjusted. Therapy also helps. Good luck! :sunny:


Need to keep thinking positive myself today, having a bit of a bad mood day. That worthlessness and hopelessness feeling has crept up inside of me. Positive things, nature is such a beautiful thing positive thing. Found this photo of nature, wish I could be there instead of here at home. Some day maybe…


An up and coming nature spirit?

Me to, ill see you out there if you wanna hang out, ill be much more fun to be around when the time comes.



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I have to be honest. My reaction is - Bah humbug! There’s Eeyore in Winnie the Pooh. He’s 99% negative + the others like him. Who was that guy on 60 minutes? Andy Rooney. People liked him.

This isn’t to you, pansdisease. I’m only speaking my mind.

This is a great try, pans, I am rooting for for you. Life is hard for us schizophrenic, because we are deprived of a healthy brain, but life is extremely hard for you, because you don’t even have a good family. So every struggle for a batter life costs your strength and courage. Being positive would make your life more pleasant, more hopeful and bring about more friendship.


Being positive can be hard but it can be done. Liking what I am seeing :sunny:


Its nice to see you are more positive, pansdisease. I also struggle to get out of the negative slump, but the nicer things in life are all around you, as you wrote. Nature is very soothing. If I had to add to your list in my own life, I would write:
Nice beach a five minute walk away from my house
Nice library a fifteen minute walk away from my house
Beautiful mountain view
Nice warm winter sun to warm up the chilly bones
A wonderful husband to share my life with
Comfort food like coffee and peanut butter sandwiches, or pasta

I think it would be great if people just post three positive things each day that they experienced, are grateful for, or thought about that was positive.

This has been shown to make people happier in positive psychology research.

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