Keeping a positive attitude

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Good evening :smile:
I would just like to take a min and thank everyone who took the time to read this. Also grateful for a good meal, loving family and friends, health, sunshine, and so on. Hope everyone is well, and the negative thoughts are few.


Thank you for this post…

being positive takes work… it’s an active endeavor every day to find the little something that brightens your day… everyday.

For me today was a small joke from my 6 year old niece…
What do you call a boomerang that won’t come back… a stick. (It’s hilarious if your 6)

Keep up the positivity… :v:


I am glad that spring is coming to your area, Kristina. I am too trying to keep a positive attitude. I live in China now and have found a lot of friends on Chinese SZ forum. Recently I created a QQ group on QQ (a Chinese Facebook). Now about 15 members talk to each other everyday on my QQ group, sharing photos, music, pictures. We are talking about having a gathering in the future. I am relieved to see that all most each of the members is nice and decent. A great group!

And it’s nice to hear that you had a hilarious day with your little niece, surprisedJ.

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That I didn’t hit anyone or destroy a computer in my most recent manic spin out.

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I like this. Being positive is the most important thing in life. Peace and love

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I’m grateful my apartment got sprayed for roaches a couple of days ago. I’m grateful for my internet connection. I’m grateful for the groceries which I pay for with food stamps. I’m grateful I was born at a time in history where life is improving so dramatically for the average person. I’ve read on the internet that the average life expectancy during the time of the Roman empire was 28 years.