Hi i am trying to think positive today

won’t you join me?

I am getting something fixed in the house, I hope, that should’ve been done 20 years ago and got somehow neglected. I am so excited.

my mom is coming along thank god.

I decided I need to go a little bit hungry every day to lose weight – not to binge for having gone hungry.

what about you?



Well done xx try not to starve too much minimum 1200 calories a day

Well yesterday everyone on here who responded to my post got angry and offended at me when I was trying to discuss some of my inner demons I should’ve just kept to myself because they’re way too negative I guess so I’m trying to just mentally bleach my personality and memories of my life so maybe I can do something else since nothing I really learned from life is positive.

Funny thing is I got my “first flag” badge on here or whatever it’s called, from flagging my own post to try to get it deleted.

Don’t mistake disagreement for anger. One of the things this place does well is helping to catch unhealthy thought patterns and point out issues with beliefs. That’s what happened to you yesterday.

People aren’t generally filth who deserve to be hurt, and if hurting others is the only way someone is finding joy, then there’s a problem that needs to be addressed. It’s paranoid and antisocial thinking. People here aren’t going to agree with that any more than they’re going to agree that polar bears are an invading cyborg army.

I’m with ya on the positive thinking. I feel like I struggle in the mornings with it. The happy hamsters decide to jump off the wheel when I’m sleeping. Good luck with your project today!

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I have cut out evening snacking and much better for it not terribly bloated like I was
I am going to lose weight this year


I’m glad to hear your mother is improving, that in itself is positive news…take care.

Nice thread.

Probably. I’m just trying to get more apathetic towards everything and just let go of everything that happened to me that never got addressed which is probably 99% of my life like the time when it was brought to the attention of the public my step grandfather tortured and molested me when I was 5 and then my great grandparent’s car coincidentally got incinerated soon after by a homemade car bomb that went off at the wrong time. I was going to talk to my therapist about all that hateful ■■■■ but she coincidentally ended up deciding to quit when I thought about it.

schizofriendia, I am sorry you were tortured. must have been horrific.


I am not really deeply positively recently,but I still show some positivity despite what’s in my heart.
My positivity would be not say anything negative as often as possible

thanks for reminding me gtx. I almost started up again on my old pdoc… and how he was totally …


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■■■■ happens I guess. No point in dwelling on it now because it happened almost 25 years ago and the guy is dead now so there’s not a whole lot I can do about it.