I need my rights

I don’t need much really.

Only one right do i need.

I must have the right to go to a clinic and end my life by assisted manners. Because who wants to cut themselves open and bleed or hang themselves, ■■■■ a hanging was used to punish saddam.

They say it’s only for the terminally ill, but i think this qualifies i really do, it’s a great reason to end one’s life. And if this isn’t terminal in the least then why do a third of us end it? It’s terminal enough. No one could even argue with that really.

I heard dignitas was reprimanded for trying to help a schizophrenic man end his life awhile back. It’s really a shame these people and their dreadful laws.

Why don’t i have this nessecary right though? No one needs me, no one wants me, i don’t want to be here, i don’t need to be here, not to mention the torture, did i mention the torture before, yeah there is torture, im being drugged to death anyway, can’t work really. What the ■■■■ kind of reason is there for me to be here?

Oh wait, there is money involved, now i remember. There is no money in it is there, ■■■■ this stupid world. If there was enough money in it id be outta here already. This world should be gone, and soon.

Money money money, cattle cattle cattle.

What a sorry excuse for a life, and planet, and beings. Nothing but a waste of my time this entire thing.

Gotta have my rights, or my one right that i actually need and want. The gall of these mutated little apes is astounding. Im denied this because of ■■■■■■■ money, no reason at all for me to be here, for me or others, but they own me don’t they, im nothing but a number.

I could try and get it by illegal means but it isn’t reliable in the least.

Damn this place, may it burn.

“Can’t kill yourself, you bring in much desired pharmaceutical money! We want boats and ■■■■! If you do it your going to have to do it yourself, go cut yourself open and bleed, go hang yourself, jump off of a building, we’ll see if you have the balls. You belong to us and we won’t give you that, we want money.”

I need my rights. The right to end my life like the other sick people get.

Is there anything in this place that isn’t just utter ■■■■■■■ ■■■■■■■■?! Anything?!

It seems to me that you are unnecessarily torturing yourself - got to find a way to be more positive, somehow


I felt that way about 20 years ago. Now I’m very glad I didn’t get my wish. Things can and DO get better, but not without a recovery oriented attitude. Wish you could find a way to be more positive – that is the biggest thing holding you back from a better existence.



I have had the same thoughts as you, that we should have the right to physician assisted suicide. Imagine before they even had meds how torturous it would have been? they definitely should have started it a long time ago.

I’ve talked about suicide with my mom before, and she says I have so much going for myself, that a lot of people would like to switch places with me. Basically I just have an inheritance, nothing else. I hate my life!

I suffer like crap but don’t want end life seriously I just want survive and I hope

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The whole reason there is physician assisted suicide is because those people are too sick and unable to take their own lives. Able bodied people don’t need a physician’s assistance.

Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem


R u feeling any better today?

They want to exterminate us or keep us as slaves. We lose either way, unless there is suffrage in the next life, which I am hoping. I’m having a beer now. It is 11 47 am. What joy I have. I am living it up.

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@pansdisease please don’t talk so !! You are a beautiful person and we all need you. I look forward to reading your posts. find beauty in the blue sky, flowers, take a walk and get outside. the whole world is waiting for you !!


Nope, wrong again.

This site is dedicated to recovering from SZ as fully as possible, and seeking out a higher quality of life. It is NOT about seeking to end your life. Conversations advocating for assisted suicide are absolutely NOT appropriate here. If people want to sell this idea, please do it on a different site. I’ve closed this topic for that reason.

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