Think! Think! What am I doing wrong?

I don’t cause trouble but I always feel like I am.

Man telepaths don’t give a ■■■■ about what they hear. If anything it helps them focus. They are very defiant even when they are bad people they’re steadfast in keeping a mindset that says there is nothing wrong with them.

The only time they’ll talk ■■■■ is when you question whether they will or not.

I’m delusional right now.

Who isn’t, lol.
Does a little humor help?

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For real? Might be a good time to revisit your opinion on meds?



You’re most likely just being too hard on yourself.

Bill Cosby is really out of control now.


I’m laughing a lot these days. Maybe it’s the serotonin supplements. Maybe I’m just glad to be alive. Maybe the people on this site are some of the most relevant and charming folk I know regarding my experience.

I seriously hate this telepathy ■■■■■■■■ man. I know that I’m not even human anymore. I think and act and do and am pretty good at all that ■■■■. But I have no emotions or concern or anything. Sociopathic transformation complete.

Puddin pop (fifteen characters) (inside joke in my group of friends)

@SoitGoes you’ve put a great deal of stress on yourself giving up meds and smoking way to close to each other. Just giving up smoking has and will drive a sane man bananas.

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You’re human…

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And telepathy ain’t real. Nowhere, nohow.

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What makes you say that bro?

I’m doing fine. I’ve got nothing to lose here. Two weeks max and I won’t even be thinking about cigs (so much)

Insomnia on the rise though… oddly. And I drank both yesterday and today.

Yeah it’s physically impossible. Still this illness goes beyond that and makes it real.

If I even subconsciously recognize it I get voices until I phase out the recognition and focus again.

I know man. I’m just not the person I used to be.

Just a logical observation.

I honestly wish you the best with it and hope you conquer both though.


You’re a good friend man.

I took upon myself to rush things. It’ll settle out.