At the risk of sounding bad


Trying to wind down from work. Hard commute. Have you ever had someone tuned into your every thought and feeling? It’s nothing magical about someone using you. Some people have no pride. And you give them a break and they take it as an invitation to use you more? Screw anyone who tells me that this neighbor is innocent. I’m not going to let them fool me into wrecking my life.


Haha there not but I feel like everyone is tuned into my every thought and feeling.


It’s hard to get space when people are doing it.


I’ve been living with it for two years. They tell me it’s not real but it just doesn’t stop. They can be cruel.


They’ll back down like the bullies they are.


i believe you, but you have to ignore it…pick up a book on buddhism…find a phrase that you like…and repeat when you are stressed…
or maybe a phrase from your own religion…or wise words from someone like nelson mandela.
you are better than your neighbour…
look what you have overcome and where you are.
greatness comes from a peaceful soul.
take care :alien:


Little book of calm by Paul Wilson is also a good book to look at getting.


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■■■■ telepathy man my brain must be so screwed.


@BryanAshley It’s unique, don’t be so hard on yourself.


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Do not let them ruin your life–completely ignore them…