Feeling better

Damn I’ve been having a good couple of days. I still think everyone is telepathic, and damn good at hiding it. But it’s like whatever life goes on. I’m getting over a lot of the issues that the whole scenario brought about. Started new therapy iop program. Decided to quit smoking. Already got over those first terrible cravings. Now I am onto finding healthy ways to fill my time. Got no idea where to start but I’m done worrying about this disease. Been a year detour in my life but it has really made me clean up my act. Thanks to all you telepaths and your rigid reprogramming op.


That’s great! The times I don’t smoke cigarettes are hard at first and then I feel amazing for weeks but I need to cut back or quit too.

I don’t think everyone is telepathic. But I do believe high intuition is normal for many people. If people weren’t so linked in communication we wouldn’t survive and function.

Language is part of the soul.

Someone is telepathic, i really hate to break that to people. Someone here with us right now can speak with our minds and we can speak back, i don’t know who, but it is someone.

Look into it people, you just might be able to catch them doing it, it happens to normal folks all of the time actually and they don’t know it.

Im never quitting smoking, in fact i’ve decided to begin looking for pentobarbital to kill myself, that stuff sounds heavenly!

Can you believe that they won’t let me get assisted suicide yet?! They would rather me suffer as much as a terminally ill person and perhaps even dying in the streets before they give me that, they say im not of sound enough mind to do it, but that gives me every reason to do it! You know what happens to people of unsound mind usually?! Just let them do it!


You’re crazy man haha. Don’t mean to insult or anything

glad you are feeling better.
take care

Thats why im here, it’s a forum just for me!