Think ive been a bit delusional

Bear with me, i know i sound bonkers, but ive been scared to even go out the flat since yesterday afternoon, cos last time i went out - everyone was smiling at me - and i thought they could see my angel wings (!!?)

Voices have been getting significantly louder when im outside as well - ive tried the headphone trick, but then im paranoid someone is slagging me off behind my back, and i wont be able to hear them.

Hopefully my cpn will pop over this morning - even the physical company will probably do me good.

Ive started taking the 25mg x 2 of quetiapine during the day again to try and combat it - but im crapping myself when i venture near the main front door.

I hoping its just a wobble - but im sitting here with no milk, like a prat cos i cant get any lol.


Yeah, I go in and out of psychosis and find myself not being able to do basic things just like you’re going through right now.

It’s gets better, try to tell yourself that things are unlikely or not possible and that when your brain feels fear it accidentally connects everything you perceive into a knot with the fear and then you are paranoid … it might help a little bit?

Then decipher what is plausible and what is coincidence.

It is very unlikely anybody is thinking of you, let alone wanting to speak badly of you !

You haven’t done anything wrong!


Thanks - i suppose i just needed a grounding comment like that - to tell myself once again, its my head playing silly buggers.

You would think i should know by now.

Yeah but it’s not your fault, you are not in control of the way your nervous system responds and then treats the brain, you do have a condition which makes it very difficult to be able to remember and fight this!

You will be better though, because what you have written shows and is great evidence that you have A LOT of insight !


Thank you. Yes, my insight is what gets me thru. Never had none for years previusly tho.

The corner shops open - and its early, maybe if i front it and dash down quickly i can get my supplies in lol


Haha, focus just on the GOAL and you will likely be okay!!!

But if it’s all too much, give yourself some insight time and maybe focus on breathing and watching your thoughts!

Either way, you’re safe!

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Thanks. Ill rush down quickly whilst it quiet 15151515115

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