Thich nhat hanh

Anybody read him? I’m reading a book by him right now and it’s really intriguing. Makes me wanna become a monk lol.

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I dig the dude. Nice and peaceful.

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Thanks for letting me in on him. I had never heard of him 'til I Googled him just now. How did you learn of him?

Just Googled him - he has some pretty nice axioms.

I got a book by him. Can’t remember the title. It’s about the basic tenets of Buddhism. Pretty cool read, easy to understand.

I read a book by 20 different authors and he was one of them. And my therapist saw he wrote in it and suggested him to me. I see him in the book store a lot too.

I remember arguing with you about the ego a while back…it turned into a modern psyc vs Buddhist kinda debate…I’m proud of you for reading up more on Buddhism … I think you may benifit from … You have the ability to read full books and I bet it has a multitude of subjects you may find interesting…and its free…

I read The Miracle of Mindfulness in college. I took almost all of the eastern related courses my school offered.

Yeah I enjoy reading him too

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Today I went to the nature reserve nearby and read this:

I find him to be very insightful and poetic

His book(s) on the teaching of Christ are also very good

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I’m reading living Buddha living Christ

I think you’ve said you’ve read that before? Either way I enjoy it

Yeah I’ve read it. I think he skips around a lot in that book, and some of his others. I like the one i posted above because it sticks to one message.

Thay (that’s what some people call him) is good at making Buddhism deep while making it good for popular audiences.

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I dig the fellow.

Really like his interpretation of rebirth.

This is the book I have, I still need to finish it.

I just read some more…he had good talk on substance use/abuse. Productive to my recovery

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