I have found a newfound freedom

… And it is a secret :sunflower:

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Oh yea I should clarify I’m not dating if you think it is that

He he heee

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OK fine I’m just started reading a new book I hope it helps me

Has anyone read it


nope i havent read it, i cant read very good

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I actually picked it up a couple of weeks ago and I think i’ve finished the first chapter or so. I hear it can change your life if you apply what he’s talking about.

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I read it in 2012 in Barnes and noble. Read the whole thing. Never bought it. Good tho.

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If you’re getting into spirituality be careful. Never forget to think for yourself. I know you don’t watch my videos but this one will definitely help you on your journey


Thanks that’s sweet.

Yea don’t worry I will keep trying to be analytical and think for myself

I’ll defo watch this. Just not right now I’m pretty tired.

Take care :slight_smile:

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My sister is a big fan of Eckhart Tolle.

I haven’t read his books but I once saw him on Oprah.

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