They want to drug me up so I can’t complain

You were on anti-psychotics before, so I believe you have a history of having delusions. It is possible for someone with schizophrenia to not hear voices though, so I believe you on that. However, your parents wanting to kill you is a delusion. Just stay on your meds. They don’t harm you.

I don’t believe it anymore so why should I be on meds
Also they prescribe antipsychotics for everything nowadays

It’s common to have those type of delusions and experiences while psychotic. Everything you are saying and feeling is quite normal. I would calm down and talk to the nurse, therapist, social worker, doctor. They are experts with years of experience and can provide comfort. Forums aren’t the best place to be when acutely psychotic. Meds early one provide a better outcome. Perhaps you have more insight or something.

We are just internet people with a mental illness lol.

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I’m not acutely psychotic, sigh do you understand I don’t have any hallu’s or delusions

Ok. I see what’s going on. I don’t want to be judgmental but this is I think what happened. You were delusional and acting out at home. Your parents wanted to admit you to hospital. You went to hospital. They forcibly inject you with Abilify. You don’t want to be on medications or be locked in hopsital, so you lie about not believing your parents wanting to kill you. In actuality, you are actively delusional.


Thats what I’m seeing too.

You both are wrong

Why do you think I’m delusional? I for real do not believe in anything unusual or abnormal.

I don’t want to be here medicated ofc but I have no reason to lie, I’m just being honest and saying I’m not acutely psychotic

Like you said, I don’t think the anti-psychotics would work in 2 days. You said your parents were trying to kill you couple days ago. Then you are being admitted to hospital. There must be things you said or done at home besides on this forum. You suddenly stop believing that your parents want to kill you and the timing of that coincides with the fact of you being admitted to hospital. All the evidence points to my analysis being correct and you are delusional.

You all misunderstood my anxiety as delusions…

Why does no one understand me sigh

If you don’t want to believe anything good about the medicine, then believe this…

Each and every time you go psychotic it causes damage to the brain. Yes, brain damage. MRI’s have found new white matter in the brains of people that experience psychosis each and every time. That’s a science fact you can look up in case you don’t believe me.

And thinking you faked it is a common theme among us. I’m a moderater which means I am supposed to be a role model here. And you know what? I’ve felt many times that I must be faking my symptoms. Why else would I feel so good sometimes?

You’re young. Your brain will bounce back. But not if you keep letting psychosis win. Ifyou stay psychotic enough there will be lasting damage and you’ll permanently lost cognitive skills and even your personality.

Be smart. Take your meds. Abilify is one of the best for controlling sy.pto.s with minimal side effects.

And as for working in 2 days? I felt my shot working the very next day with my new AP after being med free for 6 months and starting to experience symptoms again. Some people feel effects quickly.

Take care of yourself. Stop arguing. It can preserve your brain.

I know it is hard to not argue. I have a daughter your age and I keenly remember being 15.


It doesn’t work for delusions in 2 days
That proves I’ve never had delusions
I believe that real psychosis kills brain cells but I have never experienced it in my opinion so…

Really? How do you know it doesn’t? I just told you I had symptoms again, you had no clue what symptoms.

A defining part of my sza is delusions. I don’t have hallucinations or hear voices.

Mine worked in 1 day and my medication is Aristada, basically the same med as Abilify.

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You’re in a liberal hospital. I never had access to the internet or my cell phone in a hospital.

It’s not unusual to not feel sick or to think you don’t need meds. I thought that for a long time before I figured out I was sick and needed meds.

If a doctor is prescribing them they probably see something you don’t see yet. But you will in time.

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But I am not delusions

This is finland all hospital is like this

They can all change the rules. The first time I was hospitalized they wouldn’t let me have access to my wallet. Everyone else could order pizza and go buy snacks at the snack cart except for me.

I guess I was special.

You say you aren’t, but two days ago you posted posts full of delusions. So that means one of two things.

  1. Your meds worked quickly.
  2. You’re just trying to get out of “trouble” by pretending you don’t have any.

It’s easy to assume this will all go away. But it won’t unless you listen to the doctors.

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Why do you think that my posts are full of delusions :frowning: