They want to drug me up so I can’t complain

I got admitted in a psych ward two days ago

I want to get out because I have no positive symptoms, I’m not a danger to anyone or myself and I take my meds now

:frowning: the doctor wants me to take the long acting abilify shot so i cant quit my meds randomly but im scared, does anyone have experience with it

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I’m on Abilify Maintena and for me it’s a very good medication.

Does it hurt? Also isn’t it scary that u can’t quit

It hurts a bit. I was so afraid of injections, but now I’m not. Abilify gives me stability.

That’s good if it works for you

I’m just confused because I’m not currently psychotic :roll_eyes:

Why would you want to quit your meds? I keep telling you that I take 4 medications and I am perfectly functional. They help you function in life rather than hinder you. The reason you say you want to quit makes me think you really need an injection.


Because the meds only have side effects and I’m not psychotic so i don’t need medication

You were extremely delusional the other day saying your parents want to harm or kill you. The fact you do not believe that anymore, is because the anti-psychotics started working on you. If you stop them, you will think your parents want to kill you again. You will only repeat the cycle of being in psychosis and then going into hospital, then psychosis and into the hospital again and again.


Maybe the psychiatrist doesn’t think the same. Please be obedient and kind with the psychiatrist and the nurses. If you are not obedient, the will probably tie you and give you more medication.

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I am not delusional now thats what I meant

And I was off the meds for nearly 2 months with no symptoms
Now they put me on meds again

I am trying to be obedient but I don’t want to be drugged up

Why would they tie me up

Well you either are psychotic or your not. You say you are not but the rest of the “world” thinks you are. Can you trust your mind?

You have a lot of growing up to do. I got Aspergers and psychosis too. The world is cruel sometimes. Just go with the flow and take the meds. Be honest with your treatment team. They can tell if your faking it, really sick, not sick, or being abused. Since your a kid, you really have no say or rights. Your parents do and they are there to help.

What are your delusions or what do your parents and treatment team saying are your symptoms?

Maybe ask for a newer, safer med like Latuda. I never got asked or forced an injection. I was always respectful but I got sick at 22 years old.

You had a 60 reply thread on your parents wanting to kill you. Did you forget about it? That was less than a week ago. How are you not delusional?

I don’t believe it anymore

The reason you don’t believe it anymore is because your anti-psychotics are working again since your admission to the hospital.

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My old delusions were paranoia type ■■■■

Also I think I either faked it (i don’t know why I would do that though) or im not sick

They can tie you up if you don’t want to take your meds. I have never been tied up, but some people I know have experienced that and it’s really traumatic.

They don’t work in 2 days, the average time to reduce delusions is 78 days

So you are saying all of a sudden, your delusions about your parents killing you just went away on its own? What made you think they don’t want to kill you anymore? What made you think they wanted to kill you on the first place? Clearly, something made you think differently. If not meds, what?

I don’t know why i thought that but i realise it was not normal to think so before

And i don’t think they were delusions even though my doctor thinks they were, I believe they were anxiety/intrusive thoughts