Scared that they will force me to stay on meds

I’m feeling a lot better than I was 3 months ago for example. At the very least I’d like to lower my dose of Abilify…

It’s a gamble. Sometimes you drop dosages or come off the psych meds and you have problems getting back on them. You may need a way higher dose and all the associated drama with side effects etc and you may find they don’t work as well or if at all…

Everyone has the same issue when on psych meds and it’s not unusual but you should trust your doctor some and keep looking for better function even on the meds.


I haven’t met my new psychiatrist yet so idk what she will think… but i think that my old one prescribed the meds and didnt think of the possible side effects

Ultimately it’s a bout function first. They put you on the meds for a reason. The chances of that clearing up isn’t unusual but stay on them for a while. I’d imagine it’s a couple of years and see how you go regardless and changing doses may be possible.

Get to see your new doctor first. Your making assumptions about your treatment before it really happens but that is schizophrenia. Stay around here long enough you’ll see that medication compliance is one of the more serious issues. Too many people stuff up coming off meds. That isn’t good for anyone.

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I thought I was diagnosed with sz because the doc told me that I have paranoid sz but it’s just a suspicion, not a diagnosis yet which is good.
I do get what u mean though but I’m worried the meds will mess up my developing brain

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There’s reasons your on them. I wish I found meds sooner. I was 29 till I got onto antipsychotics. Wasted so many years till then just being outright paranoid about a lot of things.

It’s early. Trust the process and work on function. Function is the key as Fugazi says!


I think its too early to start mucking about with your dosages love. Just accept your gonna be on them. Probably for life. Stop fighting it - and you will feel more relaxed about the situation.

@Crystal-Cotton Like many other users have stated on your thread topic, it’s best to stay on your medication for the long run. Going off medication will make matters worst if your symptoms were to flare up again.

Yeah but I’m only 16… do i really have to accept that i should take them for life?


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I would. Going by your previous posts - your not stable without them.

I not saying you will be on them for life, but be prepared to be taking something for the rest of your natural.

Its not so bad anyway! If they are keeping you well - why change it?
My pdoc would not even consider a change in meds, until ive given it at least a year on them.

If it aint broke - dont fix it.

Yeah but I’ve improved a lot from the previous posts… i get what u mean though and will stay on the meds unless the dr approves me going of them

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I don’t get what u mean

Like not really take it

They watch me take them so not gonna be successful

i’d stay on the meds… it sucks to have to relapse harder than the last time… maybe in time you can reduce the dose a bit but i would be careful with it.

Yeah im staying on the meds but just changing injection to pills

Shots are far more convenient. You don’t have to remember pills and only take meds 1 time a month. The med stays consistent all month. Much easier.

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Yeah but its much simpler for me to take pills, My friend almost found out that I’m taking the shot (luckily didn’t)

i prefer a shot every 2 weeks cause i know the med levels in my blood will be consistent, less chance to relapse.

But if you really wanna take the pills rather than the shot then ask your pdoc about it

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@Crystal-Cotton , pills make it too tempting for you to not take your medicine. You are always asking if you have to take meds for life, which means you want pills so you can stop taking your meds. It’s a bad idea. You need to accept that you need meds.

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