Help I’m being admitted right now

I’m not psychotic atm but my mom called them for some ■■■■■■■ reason
I just feel very anxious and ■■■■

I don’t know what to do I’m anxious as ■■■■ help please

Relax. Don’t flip out. Comply with meds, you might not get an injection. Don’t fight it, you’re really not well and it shows. That’s why your parents did that.


I don’t want to take any meds :frowning: i am well imo

If you don’t comply they’ll force an injection into your bum. Oral meds are better. Just take my word for it.

Also, if you fake taking it people will know by your weird conduct again.


What meds would they give? I hope not APs
Also i think that the ambulance came :frowning:

They’ll give you an AP. It’s okay. Vouch for oral meds. If you behave you might not get a shot.


Why an AP? :frowning:
I’m not currently psychotic

You’re just saying you’re not psychotic as a defense mechanism. Clearly something is amiss that had your mom call the mental health team.


Why? Ok i have to go for a while

People who are psychotic generally think they’re not. The word for it is agnosia. Please accept the treatment offered, it’s the fastest road to recovery. Good luck.


I told you before that you will learn it the hard way if you refuse treatment.

People generally have a better outcome if they start treatment early in the illness. Just comply and be honest with your doctors and if it turns out you are as well as you say you are then you will probably be out of hospital in no time. I would take your meds though, like squirrel said people generally don’t understand that they are ill.


I know but I m not psychotic not now

I guess… what should i do now? Im scared

Don’t resist and don’t be violent.
Take the pills they give you there.


I really dont wanna take unnecessary pills

Well then you get a shot. Security officers will hold you down and poke you in the leg with a needle.

Why can’t i just be without meds

Because you’re behaving in a very abnormal way that is making people question your sanity.

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You mean Anosognosia

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