My doctor wants me to take a shot, help

What to do? I am adhering to meds currently but I was off meds for ~2 months after my last ward stay (I’m currently in a ward, also for anyone confused why can I have a phone, in Finnish psych wards u can have a phone)

It’s called Abilify Maintena
Also I’m only 15, it shouldn’t be prescribed to teens afaik

And I’m not even delusional! This is ridiculous, ain’t it

Were not going to help you get off of your meds, just take your meds. If you are treatment resistant you will have a worse life, it is as simple as that.

Why wont you help me
I have a false diagnosis of psychosis i need you to understand me

Well, I dont know what to say, everything everyone tells you, just seems to make you fight more. You had delusions, you dont have that without a diagnosis of psychosis or schizophrenia. Both of them dont go away quickly, if they caught you early in the illness you are lucky, and even if you had some delusions and they went away, you still need meds for that.