They don't have a clue!

People piss me off when they tell me my illness is of the devil. That’s what the overly religious say. I know that my illness is chemical not spiritual. Taking meds doesn’t make you less spiritual. My illness does give some apathy and indifference. People who don’t know about mental illness are clueless as to my illness.


I left close friends who told me that and who told me to get off meds and pray.


Some people are just ignorant as to our illness.

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I have been told something about parasitic entities?? :thinking:

There is considerable overlap of the symptoms of psychosis/sz with spiritual ailments such as jinn posession - both, for example, can exhibit hearing voices or sudden changes in personality or visual hallucinations

The issue is spiritual people are not to be trusted - they often masquerade as telling the truth but in fact make up lies and will attribute anything to posessions, because they charge for spirit removal services


We don’t have parasites or anything external. What we have is a interior chemical problems.

Praying did help me. So did meds and therapy. As Woody Allen said, “whatever works” !!

People have always feared what they could not understand. Our ancestors believed thunderstrikes were punishment from the gods. Nowadays we understand how electricity works. Some day, hopefully soon, we’ll understand how schizophrenia works and we’ll find the cure.

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When i had terrible anxiety in my teens my mom took me to a church minister for exorcism. Terrified me and made my psychosis worse. Meds helped much more.

I believe in spirit world - I have two spirits in my head - but I believe science is just as effective and meds is very important.

You can’t treat sz/sza with spiritual healing alone. Meds have an important role to play!


I know what you mean. Some of my family thought I was possessed. I’m like “give me a break “. My family is nuts!!

My problem is I think my boyfriend is the devil and he is causing a lot of these bad things to start or happen. Or that he wants to hurt me. Other times I think he is just wanting to help me.

I thought I was possessed and I thought my sister went to hell. I cut my arm to turned out to be the number 7 and then thought God wanted me to cut my neck. I heard birds chirping in a weird way. Felt like different signs were everywhere. I heard neighbors calling my neighbor “Mary” like the devil was cursing Mary. My boyfriend says he is a fallen angel so I wondered if it was connected to him.