Is schizophrenia predominantly a spiritual illness


Is schizophrenia predominantly a spiritual illness


if it is then god hates me :frowning:


The question has been asked before. I wouldn’t call it an illness when it is spiritual. But yes, it can be. predominantly? I don’t know. All depends on circumstances. If it is involving demonic voices and visions, or angelic ones, then sure it is. And meds will never help…they will only mask things and cause physical damage without affecting the spirits even if they do succeed in shutting off your perception of them.

When it is determined to be spiritual then the only approach is spiritual. Angels and God should be worked with closely while demons and satan need bound and banished, seeking Gods power for such deliverance.
nature spirits and ghosts need to be worked with in harmony with the Holy Spirit and creation.


No, I think schizophrenia is a medical condition. It feels to me as a spiritual illness though.


I think I accidently pressed the button for liking this post. God is love too. There is a verse that says God desires for all mankind to be saved 1Timothy 2:4. Every good gift comes from above. It also says that you should hate a person wickedness but love the person at the same time. So I believe that God hates my wickedness but loves me like a father.


In my own case I would say no. If other people want to look at it that way it’s fine by me. I could offer my opinion on thinking about it that way. For instance you are insinuating that being in a bad place spiritually causes schizophrenia. I seriously doubt that. Because then the next step is to believe that if you set yourself right spiritually than your schizophrenia will go away. I seriously doubt that too.


The issue we have here is that SZ symptoms can be caused by a number of factors, and spiritual related phenomenon are one of them. Environmental is another factor and then physical. You can also have self induced psychosis via drugs and alcohol that mimic SZ and if you are a habitual user you can easily experience long periods of delusions and hallucinations. I knew one guy years ago who decided it would be cool to take a huge amount of LSD…he never came down from the trip. the Acid literally made him schizophrenic…he was delusional all the time and saw things in the roads and talked to them, often blocking traffic and shooting at cars with his imaginary gun… other times he would play air guitar in the middle of the road for his 'fans" who he claimed were there to see him play…He talked to his 'friends" constantly (his voices)

People should never dismiss a cause because there are many causes. And if we want to take a strictly scriptural spiritual approach even if it is environmentally caused, self induced, or physical, it still has its roots in spiritual because the entire world fell under the curse of sin when the serpent tempted Adam and Eve, thus introducing sickness and abuse into the world…


I do not believe that schizophrenia is a spiritual illness at all. It is a disease that we don’t know too much about, so it has some magical thinking associated with it naturally. If you want to pray for someone with this disease I think it will work as well as on any other disease. You just don’t have to be caught up with the idea that it is another entity working inside of you. The Quakers believe that God is in all things. If that is true I don’t think there is space for angels or demons. I think it’s scary to believe that you have 2 beings inside of you and wrong to believe that. I also agree with the idea that we choose our own destiny, that we have the power of choice.

If you hear an angel and a demon in your head it is because your head is making 2 voices. I thought I heard the voice of the devil (it sounded like Freeza from Dragon Ball Z LOL!). I know that it is just a voice and not the actual devil.

Here is a good article from the news section about how are culture affects our voices:


“In my own case I would say no. If other people want to look at it that way it’s fine by me”

I probably can’t change anyone’s mind. And I really don’t need to OR want to. Religious discussions are controversial and when people have two opposite points of view they can both argue until they are blue in the face and nothing might get solved. My friends brother in high school took too much acid to and never came down either. It scared me but I tried acid anyway when I was 16. I took it a number of times but my last 3 or 4 times taking it were all bad trips until eventually I took too much and it triggered my schizophrenia when I was 19.


They don’t have to be inside. that would be possession. They can speak from outside and make it sound like inside. Same way technology can be directed at a person to cause them to hear voices. I know angels are real because I have tested them before…asked one angel to do something for me and it had 3 parts to it. Every one of the 3 parts was a long shot but the last request was near impossible… and it happened exactly as i I asked them to do it. Then one of them told me the name of a boat coming in to harbor…it wasnt even the boat scheduled to come in but then it did, it came in first just like the angel said.


Schizophrenia is a brain disorder, that can bring rise to spiritual delusions, so it may seem like a spiritual disorder


In my own case I would say there is a spiritual component to my disease. I’m filled with hate.


My delusions and hallucinations are not spiritual in nature. I still consider myself a spiritual person. I also believe that certain types of schizophrenia are driven by collapse in will and there are lots of things that can cause a collapse in will. If will is the cause of freedom, then control must depend upon freedom to choose. If choices caused people to be violent, then we would never have thrived in communities at one point. Violence is caused by discord and discontent. Sadism is like a disease that causes societies to become amputated from the truth. Sadism is causing more of a sociological decline than true schizophrenia is causing madness.


Okay. It’s good that you’ve had that experience.


Schizophrenia is a brain disease. period. I believed all sorts of spiritual things and powers when I was delusional, but it doesn’t make it a spiritual illness…I am glad that none of the things I believed were really true…for instance being the right hand man that helps Jesus come to earth…ha…when I stabilized I was really let down hard that all I had believed was a lie…schizophrenia lies to the victim’s mind, that is all.


I think the people on this forum are very empathetic and kind.


That would be impossible, because I have that position…LOL… just kidding…
Jesus doesnt need any ‘help’ coming to earth… others think they are Jesus Christ himself.
The only thing a person may actually be is a prophet who announces things from Jesus that he wants the world to know…
The only thing that might ‘help’ Jesus come to earth sooner is if you do so much evil that it causes the book of Revelation to happen so Jesus returns… I wouldn’t want to do that because then you would be following antichrist…