They asked for more money

Now we are paying the house payment this month. Because they are late paying the taxes on the house. Sorta dumb. My father in laws checks are getting smaller because of the seasons. They had money last friday which they blew on Christmas gifts and soda

@cbbrown. Just because your in laws ask for something does not mean you have to agree to it.

It seems like you and your partner should negotiate a fixed monthly rent (based on comparable rents in the area) like you would have from any other landlord.


Yes, for your own flat, and make sure it is a good distance from the in-laws.

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@cbbrown, You and your partner really need to move out of your in law’s house and move into your own place. When are you going to do that? Or is your credit so bad that you don’t qualify for housing?


I think that it’s Ok to pay more rent for one month because they have to pay taxes. It’s just everyone having to pitch in. But I do think you need to move out as they are often mistreating you. Do you qualify to get a place of your own? Can you get on a list for disabled housing?

My credit is very bad because of student loans i can’t get them dismissed yet. I use to have good credit because of paying small amounts to the student loans. Not i can’t afford it.

@Moonbeam and @velociraptor I have a fixed rent but they borrow money or ask for more when my partner expecting a good check or even a so so check. Only good thing about paying more money is we can use our washer and dryer again

Why are you being denied access to YOUR washer and dryer???


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Do you not get the money back? I would personally tell them it is not your responsibility. Or if your actually ok with it just tell them your not going to do it next time. Depends if you think they are taking advantage of you really.

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They said our washer and dryer uses too much electricity and water. After the excess family members left the bill dropped down to 240 then we added air conditioners. They had 5 we had 1. Bill went to 600 or more a month. They blamed our washer and dryer.

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