They ask funny

They asked for our help again this time to buy a water heater for the house. They then said my partner shouldn’t be helping me clean the apartment. That she helps enough next door at their house. She shouldn’t have to pick up my messes.

Yeah kinda pissed about that! Since my food stamps were cut by ten dollars were really gonna struggle and they had the ■■■■■■■ gull to ask me for more money from my ssi. I just walked away. Came back eventually and explained to them my money has to go towards my living expenses and my pets. I didn’t get a huge amount of money added just a little. I’m not rich on ssi it’s not piss away money. I’ll pay my rent but I need money too. I kind of just left it at that and walked away again…silence so far

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Ssi is not enough. I hate the whole work credits thing, why should it matter how much we worked before getting sick? Some people get sick earlier than others.

Your living experience is too stressful, it’s hard enough to keep yourself together sometimes. I am ambivalent about my stepfather who is letting me live with him rent free but yells at me once every month about something, and it scares me because when I was a kid he used to throw me down and scream in my face. That was 20 years ago and I’ve forgiven him. He doesn’t get in my face anymore though.

He has the money, and he’s helping me with it, so I don’t feel like I have the right to complain.

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I think it’s weird that I kind of stood up to my in laws. By the way it’s my in laws said we will struggle because my food stamps were cut by 10 dollars

So did you move out of your in laws? That’s great :smiley: if so!

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No just got them to lower the rent and stop hopefully asking for money. The water heater I can see as a need because we alI must have hot water and the water heater leaks about 70 dollars worth of water every month

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