Kicking me out

According to my mother in law her husband is kicking me out when he gets home. I dont believe it they like the 700 dollars I give them every month. They bought a tub for the apartment and made my partner pay175 dollars to pay them back. If they kick me out I’m taking them to court for rent back and the tub


Hmm! Did you sign any sort of agreement? Depending on your state if you receive mail there you may have residency so it may be difficult for them to kick you out. Bathtub, past rent, housekeeping, errands, utility shares, neglect of repairs, or anything else. If they are abusive that may give you weight in court. Be sunny though. :slight_smile:

Maybe this is a good thing in disguise. You need out of there.


Don’t look back sweetie.
Don’t look back …


How is your partner going when you guys argue?

Does she stand for you and support or feel stuck in the middle?

Maybe if one door closes another opens.

My mum used to say that getting things out makes room for new better things to come.

But if you do not make space for it it can not come as such…

Maybe getting your own place will be doable and good for you.

Good wishes to you guys!


If you survive the threat of being kicked out and they let you stay, would that not motivate you to try harder to get your own place or have some back-up plan in case they get really serious about it one day?


mate. I’m surprised you’ve lasted this long! It sounds like a nightmare and there’s always a lot of posturing which isn’t very healthy. I know it’s your mrs family but enough is enough…I agree with @77nick77 . Time to make some serious plans where your not getting taken advantage of.


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