"they" are calling me slutty

I never fool around because I am not the type. yet, I feel like my community has members that are calling me dirty and slutty.

some seem to be from certain cousins of mine.

this bothers and hurts much.


you put they in inverted commas…is it their voices in your head that are telling you this judy? if so, you know they are not real right? i get called a ■■■■ all the time. it’s not nice but it doesn’t bother me tbh. how can it when there is no such thing? a healthy sexual appetite is a normal thing whether you are male or female. i haven’t had consensual sex for about twelve years but my voices still call me a ■■■■. though their word du jour is c*** at the moment. try not to let it bother you hunni as it’s not real. xxx

I guess you are having delusions and hallucinations again, judy. When I was delusive, I dared not smile or laugh in fear of being called maliciously smiling in order to seduce men. With the help of enough meds, I now have got rid of this type of ridiculous delusions. Hope your pdoc can help you with this type of persecutory delusion.

There were times when I was sure my family was saying stuff that they weren’t. I hope you can fight this off.

It hard when I hear my family’s voices replaying and telling me stuff that I know now they never said.

I also hope you can talk to your doc. It can be so depressing and that can take your energy away.

I hope you feel better and keep fighting what your hearing. I’m rooting for you.

i get this too it really sucks like SLAG just hear out of nowhere, dont give it any power its just the broken synapses tormenting us headphones and peacful music is helping, if they voices “they” are just ruining someones life so who are “they” to judge anyone.

My voices used to call me homosexual insults and called my friends boyfriends. I am bisexual so that explains why. Now my voices are all gone, my meds work really well.

Maybe you subconsciously desire to fool around with people. The voices are from our subconscious and they can tell us about ourselves, like the ones calling me gay, homo, faggot, queer, rainbow, fruit, telling me to get a boyfriend and calling my friends boyfriends, well guess what I came out of the closet as bisexual and have never been happier.

I took the Kinsey scale test again and scored “predominantly homosexual, but more than incidentally heterosexual.”

So maybe you are sexually repressed and want to fool around. You could, just be safe, there’s nothing wrong with that. But I think you need to consult your psychiatrst and get on a different med or more of your current med, hearing voices is not good and you shouldnt have to suffer. Even if your voices are right, they still suck, in my opinion- my voices were really hateful towards me, except for one of them.

A lot of people hear the voices sometimes & will say anything to anyone. You have to ignore them…If you can get a job without a lot of public contact, you are better at this point. If you can find a good boss & decent coworkers, you are a very wealthy person.

Please research Gang stalking/cause stalking/thought broadcasting. You need to know this crap happens to be okay…

Mental care calls this delusional by policy and refuses assistance. If you get angry with your care provider you can be locked up in the mental hospital at your own expenses for as long as your pdoc can justify…some end up homeless after this and job loss is the norm. Switch pdocs if you don’t like your care team…

o_O This is how I felt for the longest time. Mostly the psychological part, I felt “group-abused”, but pychologically or psycho-analytically. Say my phone rings, and it’s my friend’s brother asking for him. So I would say “it’s your brother”. He would say non-jokingly “no, it’s a phone”. That didn’t happen, but every close family member, close friend, and person from the church I went to did ■■■■ like that when they really were not joking. Flipped me out every time, and haunts me to this day. But when I was on meds, I admit it didn’t seem so harsh, moreso “I am surrounded by selfish idiots” kind of feel.

you have to ignore the fools which exist in our society, tangible and intangible.
take care


This is normal complaint for schizo…You have to focus on being okay and let it all roll off…I LOVE the book, Toxic Family…If you pick this up at the library or used, just read the chapter on Coping…It can change your life & you can use it on a lot of different screwed up people… (Rest of book was just explaining dysfunctional families…but I mean, people went to war, people got thru a famine in 30s here, Jim Crowe was normal, women couldn’t leave a wife beater, child abuse was just ‘their family way’ + ignored…What more explanation do you need of messed up? I don’t really think this great society of US has improved so much? Jim Crowe went more underground and is now denied… Right? You hear on this forum, some of the people who tried street drugs a couple of times ended up psychotic and many had to turn to selling the stuff to just survive…Life isn’t easy but it is worse for some folks…Most of the minorities are still poor despite all the social assistance to get us out of Jim Crowe…Actually, some of the high up US govt officials from late 1960s (assisted by CA police departments) were bragging they let the cheap street drugs into the poor neighborhoods to keep the minorities enslaved & keep them away from middle class security…But whole country economy is slipping closer to minimum wage jobs for many, something will change for the worse for all IMHO.

Just try to be okay… I love yoga, outdoors away from the city, artsy stuff, cooking, garden & the pets…This is where it is more okay. I try to visit regularly just to deal with all the rest of this mess I fell into…

Beware, sometimes these comments will happen and some guy introduces himself to you & he starts talking about stuff private to you like he is psychic…These are frequently wife beaters, serial cheater or financial abuser…He is HUGE harm in a marriage as I’ve seen complete human slavery if a psychopathic husband gets guardianship of a temporarily disabled wife (due to nervous breakdown or self harm)…woman couldn’t even leave the marriage EVER while man was alive. I had friends suffer the psychosis short term & they had someone trespassing in their home…These ladies were being bothered by an unwanted male from work or social stuff who seemed to be source of their suffering & started to make threats (sexual harassment at work can go this way), these ladies married or shacked up with THE GOOD GUY they were dating & social problems of verbal harassment by strangers or half-crazy friends while in public stopped & trespassing/vandalism of belongings reduced a little. I WOULD ONLY go back to friends you knew were okay if you want to date or you took a long time to watch a new man friend possibility. Some social situations will really pressure you into dating someone who probably isn’t okay but he can keep his mouth shut/act right for a month…Mental care calls this talk delusional & refuses to assist so confused becomes insane. This is policy…You can NEVER display any anger or much frustration with your treatment team or you will be mental hospitaled at your own expense, sometimes for a long time…

Story does exist in several places of the woman who stayed single in smaller communities…She was harassed in ways you mentioned & town piece of ■■■■ drunks who are single again after capturing the latest victims would look her up, vandalize stuff…She was hated by the towns people who blamed this single woman as the cause of their occasional psychosis symptoms…Crazy cat lady types were harassed in public a lot…This is just an archetype…Some of the riff-raff of the town will recognize this and sexually harass these ladies.

Other possibility here is horribly sinister: In my large city was a suburb containing a family with an incest problem. The family came into money through a swindle. One of the abuse victims started to get her friends into trouble to keep herself okay…she got her friends molested, homes vandalized/ruined SO MANY TIMES THEY WENT BROKE and some of the women went nervous breakdown. This chick even got some men who didn’t want her hurt too. A good number of the people at her high school, then college got this crap while multiple police departments ignored this ■■■■ because sexual assault of a minor was treated differently then. Torture the victim into dropping charges & cops would not pursue it any longer, trespassing was ignored unless photo evidence could be produced and camera systems were really terrible at the time, and still can be ruined to get the point across by these…So these ladies, some have been tortured for 30 years since, they will assist these abusers with anything involving new victims - stalking, vandalisms and burglaries mostly, ruining customer’s work, & going after coworkers for new victims. These are called gang/cause stalkers… This family even went after family members of these folks…Some little towns have one of these situations running in similar fashion, anyone who stays is tortured or you torture people. I would leave at any cost…New residents will be harmed by this group as a rule. Some town that have the abusers visiting (forced intrusions really) sometimes will be trying to lure locals into parties only to have some people physically harmed sometimes…this family member’s home is used for a lot of illegal activity. If you have this kind of situation in your community, I would flee…if you leave with a man you have newly met, frequently you end up with a batterer who follows orders from the voices. These situations play out over and over so there is a pattern.

These situations have worked over a lot of cities so most of the people are psychotic part-time…Almost all of these people are so mentally unstable they will ruin coworkers…NO one on disability payments for mental problems is left alone as so many are crazy and tortured at work, they hate someone who even moves to the city with a welfare check… The younger folks (under 35) in these cities are so messed up, they are more concerned with being crazy at work than working as they are used against customers or coworkers…The focus in these cities is finding a good employer and good people stay there almost forever…If you NEVER discuss your diagnosis, never discuss whatever may be happening in your home while you are gone (always take RX glasses, the spooks love to break these) or how bad you feel sometimes, you may make it…However, some of the craziest of folks around you may start to hear it especially in bigger apartment building and sometimes these crazies will harass someone to the point of burning you out…You can almost NEVER discuss anything personal at work or in a social situation (especially a mental health diagnosis) or ANYONE in this city will go crazy on you. I JUST LEFT THIS AFTER BEING SCREWED OUT OF A JOB, SCHOOL, HEALTH CARE, bad landlord, bad drug activity cops ignore…It was just too many unokay things to stay… These places are served up COLDER! I knew worse could happen from listening to others so I RAN AWAY ON CREDIT CARDS.

I just LOVE the approach to social situations with the half-crazies of talking about the same flipping hobby over and over to get them annoyed with you, or just say you are working and do not even answer HOW ARE YOU QUESTIONS with more than FINE. These are totally rhetorical questions…This works wonderfully at work with an annoying person who is probably part-time psychotic who follows the orders from the voices. When they don’t want to talk to you any longer, you won some peace from their demands – BUT OF COURSE, YOU NEED TO SAY YOU ARE HAPPY TO DISCUSS ANY QUESTIONS ABOUT WORK ANYTIME. Some of the Protestant church pastors now advise to follow orders from voices. I’ve heard of Catholic priest teachers ignoring this in parochial schools too… SO… This helps to ditch some of the fakes…The real friends who are strong are worth keeping – don’t give them all the details of the suffering except warnings to avoid someone who is being a problem. Talk to the best people about their lives & everything else. It’s a relief to get something normal out of others but some cities have precious few of these…

If you live in a town with an abuser situation, there can be previous few okay people so you are better off deaf, with blinders and don’t speak unless spoken too normally…If you continue to have ANY contact with people in a family abuse situation, it will keep the social problems BAD. The psych doctor may even use the term ‘false memories’ regarding someone else’s problems. People who went back to the group of abusers got hurt & mental care tried to discredit victims so they could not even get police charges if something bad did happen. You need to quit talking to anyone you met through this group, do not discuss anything about this group again if you can help it and plan an exit from town by any means possible…Sometimes the nuttiest abusers may stalk you elsewhere (as there are so many wealthy people who do not need to work & only keep a job with a relative as ab alibi for running around bothering the workers)…Ignore them if you see them in public later. Sometimes, you psych symptoms are worsened by contact with these kind and you can be free from some of it if you just work and not discuss any of it after you have moved…

Hope this helps…

Let me just add a warning going around in my city with the suburban predator family working the area:
The wrong people:

  1. Brag about illegal stuff. A female doing this is RUN!
  2. Try WAY too hard immediately to make a friend or market themselves to business.
  3. Tell too many stories that are impossible because the HORRIBLE part if left out until later…
  4. They have a group of silent friends who are just keeping up this person’s appearance, laboring as a slave or fake/lying/sucking up.

The mental problems happen to ex-wives of wealthy men, business/college rivals they want out of the way but lots of unwilling mistresses/relationships who could not ditch someone…The latter hunts in this way sometimes but they are OBVIOUS. Do not return phone calls if you find yourself in their company, no emails or text. Many will try to stalk you for their thrills, you may need to say you are moving out of town with work or got a second job and have no time any longer… Unfortunately, this spreads badly as roommates too who end up with Single White Female & all the family who made her great. If someone gives you the creeps, you are probably right…