Voices and sexuality

So yeah ive been taken off my medication but i do still get ‘voices’ from time to time. i have to say though that they arent negative at all in recent days but are very distant sounding, even though all of my voices are based on speech between people on the streets, and i dont take them as seriously as i used to. But nowadays they started to base their entire topics around sex, i never was having that before, and talk all sort of perverted stuff not really hardcore pervert but they do talk about all sort of nasty topics including oral and anal sex. is it just my mind? i swear to god i never thought of sex but anything coming from me was based on the voices not the voices based on me. so yeah they were kinda implying gay intercourse and how i would participate in that and then suddenly some good looking guys walked by, looking at me, as i was having that thought. im not gay, i never had gay desires in my life but these ■■■■■■■ implications might well turn me gay against my will! did i appear gay to anyone on this forum? come on, be honest! anyway i find this whole topic to be annoying as ■■■■ and i know im quiting meds but i hope it doesnt get worse than it already is.

If the voices are already getting worse - and the medications are still in your body - then as they go out of your body it will probably get worse. Talk to your doctor about what you are experiencing. Have you quit the medications yet, or are you slowly phasing them out?


Dont worry bro the voices arent that bad but they regularly appear, even when i was on the meds. They got alot more distant as i reduced my meds and are at the most lowest state right now. Im not worrying about the voices as much as i worry what they are telling me! and yes i told my doctor that i still hear voices from time to time and he still told me you dont need the meds!

I don’t think you’re gay. Maybe it’s something you’d like to experiment with though? Nothing wrong with it. I know I would. It’s just that you’re quitting meds and thinking like this and hearing voices, I just hope you can take the right decision. Did you tell your doc about this?

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In all honesty I have perverted thoughts all the time,but I don’t act on them. Minimize watching porn, that will help.

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Not interested in experimenting with bisexuality at all but i get really pissed at the voices for telling me these things i wanted just to clarify with you, since i believe you guys are also similar to the voices(its a long story), but i realized now that the voices were also telling me alot of stuff that was really against my preferences in the past. so perhaps this incident was a just like the times in the past. and we can forget these young guys walking by. i know this might appear strange to anyone who hasnt had serious auditory hallucinations but they arent your deepest egotistical wishes fullfilled but are very much like another person talking to you and telling you stuff which you might not agree with at all. and i certainly didnt agree with that but ■■■■■ sake these ■■■■■■■ insane voices can make anything real and turn you into somebody that you cant recognize.

also i might add that the voices arent explicitly against my desires but often times make really good sensible comments about future sexual encounters and when i hear these voices its often a female speaking outside. strange huh? yeah but they are also very perverted and the females speaking are making me interpret their speech in a different light then they are probably wanting to express themselves in when talking.

i havent watched porn for like 3 or 4 years now. dont tell me its because of this i get the voices.

maybe it’s just sexual frustration? It’s always on your mind? maybe you should watch a little porn?

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Dandolo - what’s your status on the medications?

nope isnt on my mind constantly but when i get the voices(like once during the day) its either totally good stuff i can relate to or some negative stuff i hate. i was just wondering wether i should pay heed to this homosexual stuff because i had alot of strange things happening to me in life even though i never felt attracted to men.

i have stopped meds as of month july, the 31st i think. i was receiving invega sustena (xeplion) but as i said the voices were becoming less and less as i reduced my meds, instead of increasing, but i still get these weird anomalies of voices from time to time telling me strange things even though i dont have any other symptoms.

That makes a lot of sense, if you remain celebent , everything gets bumped up closer to a 10 especially after a month.

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Ignore the voices. You seem to know that you’re heterosexual.


Are the thoughts about pitching and catching, if they are, there has to be a source to where you perceive that stuff into your mind. Cut off the perverted sources.

Ya, best answer.

Yeah but these voices arent just some thing that happens by the side. they can actually influence the world around me and the two young guys walking by werent randomly there they had a purpose to fullfill. so i was just worried wether my life would go to hell again as it did in my first psychosis and i would become gay for men or something. you never know with this illness.

Unless they try to beat you up with dildos, I wouldn’t worry about them. No one can force you to do anything or try in that matter.


Three years celibate here. Female spirits that I have dealt with are definitely rape-y. Seems like there’s a hedonistic push & prod on my body from time to time when I’m trying to fall asleep too.

I just remain calm & let them experiment. The last thing I want to do is cause a reaction that forces extreme pain anywhere.

Just remember, they can’t force you to do any of these things in real life. If you’re a strict heterosexual, that’s what you are. For whatever reason, in dreams, I have diverted from my heterosexual nature. I don’t know why that happens, maybe to perfectly prevent encounters in real life, perhaps? That’s my explanation, anyways. I know masculinity does not arouse me.

i hate that i perceive them as such anyway. i dont want to think some guys are sexually attractive. before my illness i used to view guys for guys and girls for girls (respect for the first dedication for the latter) but now its all a messed up soup where i dont even know what to believe anymore. and these voices arent helping me either.