It feels like "they" are calling me slutty

and dirty and other such ugly names and characterizations.

it must be my delusional self exaggerating again. whoops. judy

hugs i get this tooxxxx

I’m sorry your going through this. I hope you find a way to ignore them because you’re a good person. I hope you feel better.

thanks J. I appreciate your friendship


i met a woman in hospital who had the same thing. first time i met her she asked me if i had called her a whore, which of course i hadn’t. she was a lovely woman and we became firm friends. she probably wouldn’t even recall meeting me now ut just to let u know it’s a pretty common thing to suffer from if that’s the nature of ur voices. just try and ignore it bcoz it’s definitely not real. ur a lovely person and i’m sure noone thinks ill of u. much love, jayne xxx

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My voices respond to my mood, when I’m in a self defeating mood, my voices take that as a cue to come out an play rough.

But when I’m Ok and I make myself recall what is good in my life… I even write it down… the voices have no power over that and they settle back down.

As I’ve gotten better and stronger and my thoughts more positive, my voices can only chatter nonsense. Which I can work to ignore. Plus when I’m at work and focusing on the plants, or when I swim and focus on that, my head circus can’t come out and play. I haven’t given it enough energy or attention to do so.


As you feel better, I hope you’re voices will fade. Remember, from your past postings, I think you are a very lovely person.

They called me faggot and raped me saying (are you a faggot yet??) screw them!~ Don’t let someone that stupid transform perceptions of yourself…and you don’t have to explain yourself to them. They’re damned as a little hallucination that never really mattered anyhow in my mind. I won’t let that control illusion take place.

Try to ignore it. It might be paranoia.