Discretion advised This is what I'm dealing with these days

I’ve been having what I think is spirits and energies feeling like they are entering my body in different places and binding things inside me.

I’ve also been getting words on my skin and walls. This doesn’t happen often.

But when there is these things entering me and manipulating my energy and emotions I have voices calling me gay and saying all my problems are from me being in the closet.

I don’t hate gay people but I’m simply not. I’ve pondered it in depth and know myself well. But this seems like a sick joke. And whatever is happening gets nasty really quick.

I haven’t dated a girl in over a year because of work and trying to get my life together. And these things never happen when I’m in a relationship.

But this is making me very humiliated and down. If I was I would embrace it but I’m not and the insinuations and the false offerings of clarity to admit I am is ridiculous . I need advice

What’s your med situation at the moment ?

No meds atm. Got a new pdoc appoinent in October

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I have the exact same symptoms as you with regards to entities etc. when I’m off meds. The easiest solution is just to get back on meds.

What meds help you most?

I have the delusions of being homosexual too.

Everybody’s different so my miracle med could be your poison. But I’m on abilify 15mg.

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It’s so freaking wierd . I’m a straight and redneck and I’ve never had attraction or gay thoughts. Maybe it stsrted from me associating sensitivity of unwanted emotions as “queer”

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I’m being called the worst homophobic slurs and also the N word constantly this week by the voices in my head (and other times during bad hallucinations)… I’m white. Still, it hurts when you hear it for the 1000th time.

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For sure. If the stuff were true I’d wear it.

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I would say they are demons, but I hate that terminology about us.

I remember the negative energy that would challenge your constitution.

Don’t give too much to the thought, and if you can, get right on meds.

sorry to hear. Hope things improve.

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