Erotic delusion

So, I bascically thought that a spirit guide slash God was my lover. I allowed myself to sleep with this “guide” and being. The hallucination turned into a mean voice and began to humiliate me and tell me that I was just crazy. That I was stalking the guide. Included voices tease me and tell me that I am a whore. The delusion runs deep. I used to daydream about having sex with a man. The hallucination copies this man. I feel so confused. I don’t want to be thought of as crazy. I am just confused about sex. I really don’t think I’m a whore. But the voices are getting bad. Please don’t be too harsh.h

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This is the type of thing I’d talk to a qualified clinical psychologist with experience in MH about!

They once asked if I’d had sex with any of my voices and I lied, as it wasn’t the time to address it for me!
I found that if I did that particular voice would disappear for a few days to a week or so and I’d have to beg for them to come back.

They have done all sorts of crazy things to me, some would probably be considered sexual assault or rape and if you feel like this is the case it’s def worth speaking to a psychologist about!

you are safe…
we all have wierd thoughts…they are just thoughts…
we don’t control all our thoughts …thoughts just pop up in our head/mind.
you are not a whore because you have thoughts about sex…
that would mean nealy every man and women in the world are ’ whores ’ for thinking sexual thoughts.
go easy on yourself.
know someone cares :heart:
take care :alien: