There will be blood: women on the shocking truth about periods and perimenopause


That sounds awful, poor women. I’m so lucky. Menopause came early for me with no symptoms and no problems at all. It’s been over 10 years now and I’m about to turn 54.

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I’ve had “the gush”. It’s awful :persevere:. And I always get leaks no matter what I use. Not only that but your pad always shifts around in your underwear so that you’re bound to get blood on your panties.

Since i switched to the cup it’s like I hardly have a period. Day two is always heavy and I have to change more, but the rest of the week I can go 12 hours without checking or changing.

I am on perimenopause, I believe.

I just started using a cup myself. Do you mind if I can ask you about what your experience is? Sorry if this question is a little uncomfortable- please feel free to decline to answer.

@laetitia I’m always open to talk about my experience with it! I love talking about how a cup changed my period life.

Oh awesome! I just started to use the cup and I love it so far. Did you take a long time to find the right cup? Or did you find one right away? I started with a cup that some people recommended on the Internet and I feel like I need one with a bigger diameter.

I just did well with my first one. I bought a June cup, large. They’re only $6. Not sure if they ship to Korea, though. They’re made from a soft silicone.

Some people find d them hard to open, but I figured out the trick to it.

There are some Korean brands available and I started with one and I loved it. But I don’t think it’s the right one.

My mom has been saying that it’s unsanitary and gross. I sanitize the cup using hot water but I think she’s a bit concerned. I would have to educate her about it.

It’s cleaner. And tell her about how chemicals in tampons and pads can be absorbed by the mucus membrane in that area. They both have bleach used in their manufacturing.

The cup keeps you cleaner and is very sanitary if you take care of it. Plus it can shorten periods for some people.

How does it do that? I had everything removed but when I had periods I had blood clots the size of grapefruit and an extremely heavy flow. I needed super plus tampons and overnight maxis with wings and still had to change every 2 hours for about 3 days straight. I’d love to know how the cup can change all that

Well part of it lasting long is that the fluid is stuck to the walls of the vagina. It has to flow down to a pad and takes longer. The cup actually suctions in place so it places a little suction on the cervix and pulls some blood out.

There’s also a theory that the chemicals can pads and tampons cause extra bleeding.

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That’s interesting. Thanks for the info @ZombieMombie

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Read the article.


We have to give birth and now this ■■■■?

No fair.

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I told her this but she doesn’t like it as much. I also bought a cleaner that the cup company provides (it’s apparently a feminine wash). I wash it thoroughly with water and it becomes clean. But she’s still not convinced. I’ll continue to educate her.

I love the cup since I feel like I’m not even on my period. It’s great- I think I just need to find the right size.

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Lucky for you, it isn’t up to her what you use.

You’re right. I would have to stop worrying about what she thinks.