Perimenopause (menstrual talk)

My periods have been gone for a few months and I have perimenopause symptoms. Just got my period two days ago for the first time in a while and it really is heavy. Before it was heavy one day and gone in two more. This time is crazy.

I have a problem with having a really sweaty face now. Heat gets to me like it never did before. People will ask me if I am ok, it’s that bad!

Some hot flashes at night sometimes. Irritability is normal for me anyway.

Any of you ladies going through this too? I wish its hurry up and get to full menopause! I don’t know what is normal age for it in my family since I’m the only one that never got a hysterectomy. My mom and grandma’s had them in their 30a.

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My periods have lasted a few days (like 3) each month for years now. Though I don’t know if it’s the meds or premenopausal.

I now have some gray hair and chin hairs also. No hot flashes though

I’m 42

Too bad you can’t just have a hysterectomy for the heck of it. That would be easier

she told me you’re not really in it

til after 12 months of no bleeding

I had breakthroughs, just spotting,

but haven’t had one since January.

I wanted answers to, about if I need to do anything,
they didn’t give me any.

My pap came out fine, I think, I didn’t hear from them,

so relieved, been getting cramping and pain.

You are in perimenopause, that can last 10 years or more. It’s basically pre-menopause.

I wish! 42 with 6 kids, you can bet I don’t want a uterus anymore. I also have cysts on my ovaries that burst. The reproductive system sucks, lol

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Is it painful when the cysts burst? Wouldn’t having these cysts be a good reason to take it all out?

It hurts a lot. Like a stabbing pain that lasts a while. I don’t know if they would do the surgery for that. I kind of avoid going to a gynecologist. Only reason I learned about the cysts was my primary sent me to have ultrasound to see what was causing the pains that I kept getting.

its hard being a woman. I don’t even go to a primary doctor. I don’t go in public unless I have to

It is, but men have problems with their system. They just have been made to feel like it is weak or gross to discuss their reproductive problems. I kinda feel bad for men in that aspect

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I heard somewhere that men have a monthly cycle too but that it’s different than a woman’s

I hear many things. Don’t know if it’s true

No, they just have an ebb and flow for their testosterone. They do have andropause which is lessening of their testosterone as they become elderly

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Oh. Ok. Thanks.

I hear ya. I’m in perimenopause too at 47 and I hate it. I haven’t had a period in three years but that’s only because i had an endometrial ablation to address very heavy menstrual bleeding. They basically burn the inside of your uterus so it won’t shed heavily each month. Three out of ten women are lucky and stop bleeding completely after the procedure. I was one of the lucky ones.

I still have hormone fluctuations I can feel though, still get hot flashes and night sweats. I’ll be glad when the whole thing is over with and my hormones can just settle down! I think it contributes to my high anxiety.

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I just recently missed having a period. I’m 47. I think it might be menopause since I never missed a period before. I love not getting a period. I hope this is menopause.

lol, you guys are too funny. I’m 51 and haven’t had a period for 7 years. I think it’s the aps. I don’t have any signs of menopause yet but love not having periods. Those hot flashes will come soon enough I’m sure.

I had the worst possible periods with lasting 20 days every month and horrid pain and non stop flow. When I was 36 I had my uterus and one ovary removed. I went right into menopause and by 40 I was postmenopausal.

My mom’s been going through it and keeping me VERY updated on it all which is mildly disturbing for me lol. But she says (like you) she wishes she had her mom to tell her what it was like for her. (She is alive but had a stroke a while back & isn’t there mentally anymore)

She’s been having super irregular & heavy periods, horrible cramps (she never had bad period cramps before) and a lot of trouble sleeping like she’ll just wake up insanely early and won’t be able to go back to sleep.

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