There is this guy at work who talks to everyone excluding me

This story happens everyday at my work. There is one guy who is frank to everyone like he talks to everyone including all the office staffs to workers and cleaning ladies. I feel like he hates me. I am a Receptionist and he is some dept. officer and i never get anything to start the conversation with him. This behavior of him makes me feel so low and sad. I am kind of frank with all the other colleagues but i just feel uncomfortable to talk with him even though i want to. And i just can’t ignore him. He crosses my path for around 30 times a day but he walks like i am not there.Can someone tell me what is actually going on in his mind?

I’m not a mindreader. Try being frank with him and ask him why he talks to everyone but you.
That would be a good conversation starter?

Nah man, just say hi to him… maybe hes shy of you…

but i am too scared to ask that. what if he says, " Because you are too ugly too talk."

I want to let the conversation go on. Not just say hi and end the conversation in a weird way that it will be difficult for both of us to talk in the future.

Yeah, doubt he’d say that, but at least you’d get your answer, then you could legitimately hate him for that instead of some imaginary thing.

Nooo. Are you writing from the girls perspective? As a girl, it’s really a misery to hear something like that from a man.I can’t.
Thanks, anyways.

Is it less miserable to imagine him thinking something he might not think?
And yes of course I’m writing this from a girls perspective, because I’m a giirl.


It sounds like you might have a bit of a crush. Is that true? If so, you might just be over sensitive and nervous whenever he is around. Whenever I tried to talk to the guy at work I had a crush on, I would get awkward and my mind would go blank. So I never had anything to talk about with him and I was worried he thought I was a spazzy freak. But he actually thought I was pretty cool. I don’t think he liked me back, but he enjoyed working with me. Turns out I wasn’t acting as weird as I felt. I was just extra insecure whenever he was around.

I have no solution. Feelings make us do weird things. But maybe if you try to treat him exactly the same as everyone else, it might help.


Also, welcome to the forums! We have a lot of fun here, so I hope you stick around!

Yeah I wouldn’t ask him why he doesn’t talk to you. That might push him to not want to talk to you. I’d like try something like “do you know if so and so is in today I need to ask them something” or do you know where I can find this or something

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Maybe he feels like you were hitting on him or flirting with him and maybe he is taken and does not feel comfortable with it.

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Say now, you said you’re the receptionist, and he is ? some department office manager, and you see him 30 times a day?

Aren’t you supposed to be the one who greets him?
Haven’t you done so?
Maybe he feels that is your job, not his?

Plus, if he has to walk past you 30 or so times a day, wouldn’t it get kinda funky to have to stop and talk each time?
You’re getting your feelings hurt over something that hasn’t even happened yet, I’d be steering clear of you too if I thought it would just get worse trying to talk to you.

Office friends are not desirable to get work done.

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Say “Good morning”

“How was your weekend?”

Exactly ikr :slight_smile:️:slight_smile:️

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He isnot the manager, just some dept. Officer. You have a sharp truth. Maybe i think i am making it a big issue. I should just ignore him(if i can.)

I have a habit of keeping going to talk to others and chat with them even if I feel they are not interested in me. Maybe you could try that. If you start a conversation by asking him questions about him, by being interested in him, he will surely like it and there’s a chance he will come back to talk to you.

Has language ever been the problem to communicate? Because our language are different. We are from different country.

Even if it’s Thursday?

Then you could ask if he’s doing something fun for the weekend.