Awkward ! Work relationships

I was told this guy likes me by my ’ friend ’ now his friends tease him everytime he’s around me. Wth are they bullying him or something. I feel bad for him. It’s awkward considering we work in the same building.

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Have you ever talked to this guy?

No never just seen him around.

Would you be interested in getting to know him, if you had the opportunity?

it would not work he must be 5 years younger. Also religious and I’m complete opposite. Would not bother me but long term it just wouldn’t work.

Then I would just ignore it, if I were in your shoes. If you were interested, now would be the time to make a move and strike up a chat with him (IMO). But since you’re not, all of this silliness is probably just others’ attempts to let you know he is interested and try to nudge-nudge the two of you to talk. Well-meaning coworkers and friends can be obnoxious like that sometimes.

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This will never work unless you grab him by his hand, look deeply into his eyes and ask “do you like me?”. look at the reaction, you will know what he truly thinks.

That’s a great way to get dismissed from your job. You’re there to work, not to date.


Isnt she dismissed in the next 6 months or so anyway? Nothing to lose :smile: .

It kind of helps to have a positive reference from your last employer.


Well that’s no guarantee they’ve extended my contract 3 times already. i want to stay. But this is so awkward. I passed him yesterday on my way out of the office to go to the loo and then my way back into the office 2 mins later. Almost as he was standing there waiting for me to go back. Just AWKWARD.

Whats exactly awkward? You not being sure that he really likes you? Just ask him, i doubt he will do that himself, since hes younger than you. Perhaps he is not sure himself even though he feels as awkward as you?

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