Ok I know my minds playing tricks on me but how to control thoughts

My colleague although friendly with everyone still seems like he’s getting overly friendly to the point i find this uncomfortable I’m not used to so much friendliness. I don’t want to develop feelings like this for someone in the workplace it will be awkward. Today something on my comp was not working he tried to help. It didn’t work but I thanked him for trying. 4 hours later he messages me through work Messaging system and asks if it’s working he said he was just wondering. maybe there is no intent behind it but my mind is playing all these tricks on me and it’s unhealthy

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sounds innocent to me

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I personally have a problem with overly friendly or loud in your face people.

This guy your talking about seems like he’s just being nice, but he also might be trying to make a move.

If he is annoying you, you can tell him that you are seeing someone - I don’t know.

Good luck with everything.

That doesn’t sound so bad. As you said he is friendly to everyone so maybe it’s just him being himself. I don’t know. But if he makes a move you can just be polite and tell him you’re not interested.

When in doubt distractions! from thought provoking thoughts or you can free associate it works for me. Just write down what your thinking without any punctuation and just go with and then go back and look at what your saying to yourself on deeper level kind of like subliminal messages.

Have a good one!

he’s just trying to be friendly @anon80629714 . nothing else in it is there. He’s the same with everyone.

uhhh… are you referring to me? Am I suppose to be an ass or something? I mean it is a community for support right?

My bad I must have something different on this page ooppss…! Didn’t know what was going on.

have a good one!

Hmmm I kinda realise this is delusional thinking but it’s hard for me not to over think this. Maybe because part of me wants that he does like me but I know it’s just not possible too

i wasnt referring to you - sorry my mistake. I was referring to the person @anon80629714 talked about.

If the guy drops you a line asking if your messaging is working, that’s innocent.

If the guy photocopies his butt and emails you the pic, then he’s hitting on you.

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Makes sense lol

@anon80629714 why don’t u talk to him? - about how you feel about him?. Just an opinion :slight_smile: thanks a lot

Because if I’m wrong I’d have to quit

Im sure you wont be fired if you just tell someone that you find him/her attractive. Anyway that’s ur choice.
Of course Im not saying that you do that in the first meeting …you already have had many…just be friendly, ask him for a coffee or something and get to know him. Maybe after a month or so you can tell him that.

Im sure the work authorities wont harm you if you talk to some guy

ps: And from what you have told about him he seems to be a nice guy. Someone would be a real jerk to report it to human resources for a small talk. But he seems to be a nice guy and wouldn’t do anything of that sort.

Do you keep a journal? I found it helped that whenever I thought something was going to happen at a certain time or date (having been told so by voices) to write it down. Having written proof to refer to that my voices and thoughts were incorrect helped me develop the habit of thinking that automatically when they intruded into my life. With enough practice, I’ve (mostly) learned to treat these thoughts like a neigbhour playing a TV show too loud and to just tune it out.



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