Therapist disconnect

So I’ve been seeing the same therapist once a week for about 8 months now. Last session there was a really odd disconnect. Like it was my first time seeing her and she couldn’t quite understand me the way she always does. She’s really sweet and usually gets me really well. To the point that even if I say nothing she knows how I’m feeling. During this particular session, she seemed so off. She was entirely off about the subject I wanted to cover. Even after making it clear that she was off topic. It was strange. Lately she’s been increasingly late as well. I’m sitting in her office now, it doesn’t look like she has been here yet and our session was supposed to start 15 minutes ago. 15 minutes is pretty normal for us. We are both late people but she usually gives me a heads up if she’s out of office and will be more than 10 minutes behind. I don’t know what’s going on here. I’m tempted to ask her if she still wants to take my case. But I don’t want to offend her either. It’s been the slightest things that I’ve noticed… I’m thinking her personal life might not be going very smoothly, I don’t know why but that’s what I think… Until that last session I was able to credit those slight mishaps other reasons, but since she was so odd last session it’s starting to make me think. Anyways she’s here!

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She sounds like it’s her own personal life getting to her. I wouldn’t think it was all about you or anything.? good luck. I have a group therapist I go to weekly and it helps to be able to talk and get feed back on my life.


Faith restored guys. This session went really well. She didn’t text me because she was driving. And I’d rather not get a text and still have a therapist if you get what I’m saying. Anyways… She was on topic, concerned, and supportive like she usually is. Possibly just a weird lemon session last week. I guess I was worried for nothing :sweat_smile:

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