Thoughts on my new therapist

My new therapist seems ok so far but I don’t know why she shaved off 5 minutes during our last session.

Is this normal?

I’m kind of paranoid because my last therapist would shave off chunks of time during our sessions, I just don’t want a repeat of this.

My time with her should last the usual 45 minutes.

I don’t want her to take advantage of this like my last therapist.

My new therapist also seemed a bit scared off by my current delusion.

I think she might be feeling a bit overwhelmed by my issues, but I’m not sure.

I asked her if CBT was as effective for psychotic clients, she said that it could help because I retain good insight.

I’ll see how she approaches me this week.

But I’m very cautious.


If you’re paying this is a problem you could use that 5 minutes to talk… mine does it all the time sometimes 15 minutes sometimes more but I don’t pay for the sessions.

I don’t pay a dime.
She accepts my insurance.

But I don’t like the fact that she shaved off some time even it it was only 5 minutes.

It almost seemed as she quit early because she felt uncomfortable.

A lot of therapists don’t want to deal with psychotic clients.

I’ll find out more about her this week.


@Wave for sure, tread carefully and take your time getting to know her. Is she used to dealing with psychosis, or just everyday problems?

It’s good you can maintain some perspective and insight into your illness. That is half the battle


Yeah in a sense its supposed to be your time shes taken off, even if you do not pay for it it could have been spent better…

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Might be a great time to take a hard look in the mirror, and take inventory…

You can talk about this with her even!

But you’ve shared on here that your last therapist stopped returning your calls?

I don’t see everything on here, but I think you also bravely shared something to Zombiemombie that your one time sexist ‘styled’ comment was tied up in your delusions…

I’m taking a harsh tone but only because I get the impression that you struggle for things to say in therapy… so tell your therapist maybe! Trust her more. They call it ‘intimacy’ but You probably know that already.

Again maybe harsh, I just had my therapy session this morning and it went well that’s the only credibility for me writing to you right now! : )


From her demeanor it seems that she is more knowledgeable on psychosis than my last therapist.

But few private therapists around here take on psychotic clients.

Thanks @Cragger


i don’t know if it’s normal but i know my pdoc does it too but i pay less then too… i don’t have to pay much but sometimes he does half a session for me and then makes me pay like half… normal sessions are like an hour but sometimes we are done at half an hour.

If it is bothering you then you should talk about it with her… would be hard i think but if it really bothers you then i would do that.

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My therapist cut off our session about five minutes early last week too.

I don’t know why.

We were really at a stopping point and didn’t have much else to discuss.

Maybe you were at that point too.

I’d just check and see if she makes it habit,

Probably not.

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A lot of my mistrust issues with my new therapist stems from the fact that my last therapist was horrible.


Thanks @anon54386108 and @lekkerhondje


Sometimes my therapist ends early if we have reached a natural stopping point. It is only a few minutes at a time. I think because she doesn’t want me to start unpacking something else and have to cut me off partway through.

Starlet’s last therapist had a huge problem with ending like 30 minutes early and I had to fire her.

5 minutes doesn’t seem like a big deal to me, but if you have a problem with it, make that known to her. Tell her you want the full time every time because of negative past experiences.


Yeah I guess I’m still shell shocked by my last therapy experience.
5 minutes is not a big deal.

Thanks @ninjastar


Starlet gets very specific about it with his new therapist also because of his previous experience. He refuses to leave the office until the exact time and makes her keep talking whenever she tries to end a few minutes early.


Thanks @anon64158233
I’m glad that your therapy session went well.


@wave We are still bros in dirty jersey!

Story out of me too:

One time I had a female PDoc and I was quite symptomatic, I had secretly stopped taking my Saprhis and couldn’t tell her ‘the why.’

I thought my paranoia would somehow (Tell Her) that I didn’t like the taste of ‘All things sex!’

I also thought she would take that part on a personal, internalized type, thought or feeling.

No one irl knows it, but that was a big piece of why I went into psychosis.

We must give ourselves a break more than we do.

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I just feel like my eyeballs would’ve spoken something wrong and wrong headed. It’s delusion of reference.

it feels like being 50 present considerate, and 50 percent (beep - head!) and these messages capitulate out my eyes.

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I’m grateful for my therapists help

She has never cut short our 45 minute sessions - but I don’t know if that’s because I’m relatively well - nobody would think that I suffered psychosis - I live a very normal life now, and people would call me a normie

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