The worst things in life come free

This is my complaining thread. I’m pretty disappointed in the world. So here I’m saying the worst things in life come free. Here’s my list: Church sermons, government issued healthcare and people who accept it, bs internet articles/garbage … It’s all trash… Caugh caugh bibles… The worst things in life are free…

None of this crap helps anyone. Sometimes I feel like I’m living in the countries’ garbage bin.

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Public housing has free pets where I live… So that’s not really an option either…

Hah, I agree buddy. It comes with freedom though, other people have every right to do what they want within the bounds of the law. You gotta respect that, otherwise you give them grounds to criticize you.

Drop your qualms with the world. At this point it’s outside of any individuals hands. They were all born into it and had no real effect on it, most people are just doing what makes it easiest to survive. There is a lot of conformity involved with that, but you really can’t blame them. If they were inclined to think for themselves they would be doing it, and there are a lot of people out there who are.

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Nah its not the social status that I’m concerned with… It’s more like… Why does all this garbage exist? Like does the public housing really have to be flooded with… Um… Radroaches lol? And then they give us the free book that will supposedly solve all of my problems?

If only people would stop creating this garbage!!! And then giving it to us!!! And passing it all off as gold!!! Lol. Like even the garbage hospitals they send us to like “oh yeah they’ll fix you there, its solid gold buddy”. Lol!!! Hah!!!

Gold, although good for some things, really isn’t that great for most people.

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Hah, I don’t know man.

Maybe a metaphor. As humanity progresses there is a lot of excess stuff that floods out everywhere as a byproduct. Everyone wants it to be cleaned up but there is just to much of it. So they just carry on and more and more ■■■■ piles in, even though at the same time there are a lot of things that get better.

I’d like to travel the world if only to see if any places don’t have all this muck about them. I’m guessing the Scandinavian countries probably have it best. Socialist governments, high rates of athiesm. I don’t really know though, I wouldn’t be disappointed if they turned out to be more or less like everywhere else.

How dare they stick us with all this trash!

Freaking worlds dumpster man,…

There are places far worse off than the worst places in the states.

What are your current living arrangements? What is making you say this?

Is it like a small town public housing or something?


I just can’t get laid honestly… Lol…

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Hah man. I’m sure it’ll happen sometime.

I’m in the same boat. I’ve learned to give up on the idea of having sex helps me relax in that regard. Eventually though it will happen.(I did get some a couple months back, luckily) that girl doesn’t live here though.

Sorry to hear about that bro. I know that struggle.

I don’t know where you live and how your life is but believe me people have it worse. I grew up in Beirut, Lebanon and I used to do my homework in candle light because the government would cut off the electricity. My family still lives there and they don’t even have water some days. This is in the capital city. I have a friend who is from Venezuela and people over there don’t have food. The government is not importing food and consumer goods, women can’t buy their tampons from the supermarket. I don’t know what they’re doing. If you have a roof over your head, electricity, water and food, you have everything.



The basics are not everything.

I for one would enjoy much more all of the comforts that our masters have to enjoy. Free reign of the earth.

They give you the bottom so you’ll be okay with very little.

You embrace insanity buddy. Your call, but it’s not helping anyone else.

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Yeah it sucks!!! I mean I actually probably could get laid if I tried really hard, like bar every night… But I mean I just can’t have a life, no steady gf, no house… It ■■■■■■■ sucks!!! If I do pick up some bar chick I might just end up with an STD or worse accidentally knock her up!!! Then I’m really ■■■■■■…

Some days I just can’t take it anymore man!!!
I hate my life!!!

And I’d like to say that I hate God too. I’ve been going to church for 9 years now!!! What do I have to show for it? Nothing but pain and tears!!!

Sorry man. Work on raising your placement in life first, if you have to focus on recovery/increasing your functionality then do that first. The girls will come if you got yourself somewhat established.

You wouldn’t understand you’re not an ex-christian.

I was raised christian. o_O

Then I got out of that town of 1800 people and learned what abundance of information embracing science held.

I never liked church anyways. Athiesm came pretty naturally to me.