This is what i want

Society sucks, this should be offered in certain situations every where on earth.

I want this.

No one needs me here, and i dont’ want to be here, i was lucky enough to not have kids and i can’t even help family with anything, hell no one likes a crazy guy anyway, so wtf am i still doing here?

Hell i would do it myself if it weren’t so painful, i just don’t have sufficient means really.

life is surprisingly short, death will come soon enough.
i like you am hanging in there most days, try and find something to bring contentment to your life however small, today for me it was scones and lashing of cream and strawberry jam, and a very strong coffee.
take care

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Yes, a good cup of coffee kicks ass.

However, when your crap family tells you to stop drinking it and you are poor it really sucks, “get your own!”

It’s seriously one of the only things that i have, my brother moves in and he took it from me, the two of them gamble and buy alot of weed and then tell me im using to much coffee, this is when they themselves are the largest borrowers in the household.

Their borrowing amounts to hundreds upon hundreds of dollars and yet i borrow to much coffee even though thats it, im the poorest one and still borrow the least, in fact i try and make a point not to if i do not need to.

And here is the best part, the coffee that i borrow doesn’t even belong to them, they simply claimed it as their own and told me to get my own.

I am developing an intense hatred of human beings, we all deserve to die i think, seriously we’re all just a huge collective piece of ■■■■ and i hate us.

Hopefully one day we can have a good life but be actual people to eachother.

And why the ■■■■ do you hate the jedi so much anyway?! The sith?! You actually prefer the sith?! The sith who currently rule earth, you like them?! Why?!

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It sounds like you’ve been exposed to a very ■■■■■■ up environment, and it hasn’t changed. I guess I’m stating the obvious for mos sz, but maybe it can be your goal to reach a new environment…

When I was with my old friends and family, I almost completely lost my mind. It took me moving to a new state to gain a clear head. After only a couple weeks of being there, the “voices” almost completely stopped. I new I was free, and could breathe for once.

I don’t pray, but I really hope the best for you.

Thanks for not praying, im already doing what he wants so it would be rediculous to ask him for something different.

I hate God.

i was created in a petrie dish, i am a hybrid, half human half sith .
in all honesty i am neither sith nor jedi , i follow the middle road ( buddhism ).
i do not really believe in the destruction of anything,
i beleive in respecting all life forms.
but in my time i have come across species , that unfortuanalty have to be irradicated due to their negative view points .
take care…may the force be with you…

Rod Stewart went all the way to Sweden just to die?

No irradications required.

Instead of condemning a building why not renevate it? Turn it into something good.

You give a negative species enough of itself it’s going to think differently about it.

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