Complaints about society


I just wanted to complain about the terrible quality of society at large. Most inparticular the religious institutions. For Years I have sat down in church and every sunday we would say the apostle’s creed. And im not even kidding I don’t even know what a fing line of it means. Like honestly- what the hell does “communion of saints” mean. I mean really? In my insane mind I might be able to speculate but then I go off of the deep end, truly. So in essence even if I knew what it meant, it’s obviously completely worthless. And there’s people that will try to tell you what it means and they don’t even know either. It’s just so completely absract and bizzare that no wonder we’re all a bunch of nutcases w/ sz or not. like if someone can actually come up with a difinitive answer for any of the lines in the apostles creed alone we would probably all be sane.

Which brings me to my next point- since these spiritual gifts are so absract and bizzare and worthless… idk… In my opinion nothing good ever came out of Rome— three ways from freakin Sunday man…

I don’t think this is new.

There are piles more. PILES.

Thanks a lot notmoses, but I think the last thing I need to do is read anymore. =)

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The new part of this speculation is the three ways from sunday part. It’s just all just such a bunch of bs man…

Yeah man I’d encourage you to just forget about the concerns with this… it’s not your fault or responsibility that the world is this way… a lot of us know religion is a huge problem… it stands in the way of progress for one thing… worse than that it justifies a lot of really ■■■■■■ up ■■■■… it also keeps these people insulated from a reality that is to harsh for something as soft as the human soul… which we should all grow up and get over…

THANK GOD though… there is more than one religion… gives me room to breath as an athiest.

If you want to do something vote vote vote in all elections you’ve got the right to. Pick the candidates that support or are as close to your views as possible… It’s pretty much futile but that is really all you can do.

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How’s that working for you?

(I was “happy” with my closed mind for decades. But… how come I was so miserable? :confused: :confused: :sleeping: )

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Lol ok, I’m gonna just go paint myself blue now and run around in the woods…


Woof, woof, woof. Like I said, just notice how it works.

ok… let’s not get nasty at me about it.

yeah right dude… ok this is my complaining thread right? Not the solve the world’s problems thread. You’re supposed to make me feel better not tell me I’m a baby.

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This explains my disgust pretty well. Im not violent but this is my general feel toward society as a whole. Please listen and learn

Ah grow up! jk man… I totally get your perspective on this and it suckkks. I deal with it too.

Man I always appreciate you posts. Go ahead keep complaining.

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I’m not violent either— I’m not even really mad-- and I’m def not listening to that. I’m just kinda dissapointed you know? As is only natural. Jesus this is a support forum- Not the inquisition!

I used to be hardcore Catholic, until I went to Catholic university and learned how f*ing crazy some of these guys can be, and how hypocritical they are. They act like they treat women as more than sex objects, but it isn’t true. They just treat us as sex objects to be preserved until such time as a man can claim ownership over us. Not all religious men are like that, but I met enough of them to ruin church forever for me.

Hey, is it okay with you if I use your complaining thread to air my complaints too?

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Dude i know! And there’s absolutly no escaping any of it! Anywhere!

Im not saying anything just the first part of the song is extremely violent and if u do listen im just trying to say thats not how i feel just the general feel of the song but i totally get how u feel im extremely dissapointed as well

Yeah i know I gotta stop it… idk I thought talking about it would help the pain.

You know it just hurts like hell that I just found out that there’s no possible way that my imaginary friend exists. I’ve never felt more alone.

Dude, you have sz. All our imaginary friends are real to us.

Within their holy book it states that satan is the ruler of earth.

What groups and/or churches would be doing the best in that situation anyway? Catholic and christian church seems to be doing quite well huh.

Why that would mean that satan is the head of the churches of this world huh?

What a strange book this is.

There are other beings though and they are massively advanced, they can help us and it would seem they have a vvvveeeerrrrryyyyyyyy long long long long long time to do it. They have that thing we always dreamt of actually, you guys call it science and knowledge.

soitgoes said it earlier. He goes “science will save us.” Probably true what he said there.

love and hell just don’t mix.