The witcher 3

I know a coiple people on here have played it. Did any of you become addicted to the card game like i have? I have to win so im constantly re loading to get a good hand and wasting alot of my gold on cards instead of swords or armor or anything really useful lol. Also what witcher equip set did you use?


Never played it, but it sounds like you’re having fun!

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Yea if you like rpgs id recommend it.

I just watched 10 minutes of this, and it looks incredible.

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I’m not a card gamer, I actually didn’t even beat the tutorial match I think haha. I love the game itself though. I haven’t played in so long…

I can’t play video games. They’re too good. One day I will retire and workout every morning then play video games all day.

Did you hear about the guy who tried to sue Bethesda for making fallout 4 which made him lose his job, wife, and kids? I don’t wanna be like that guy

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