Downloading games vs buying the disc

So i decided to get the digital copy of the witcher 3 it was cheaper than the disc. But its dam 27.532 gb…i did not realize this my internet is decent but it has an hour left and its been dling 5 hours lol. If no one noticed im a closet nerd…but has anyone abandoned disc for digital?

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I get all my of games off steam. Haven’t bought a physical game in years. In fact where I live most game stores don’t really stock pc games any more. Not a console gamer so can’t say about that.

Ps the witcher 3 is amazing!

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I dont know if video games helps anyone else like it does me. Theres something about open world action rpgs and just that genre that helps me through my bad days. Plus my one year old will sit in my lap and laugh and jabber to me the whole time its very soothing and i feel like were bonding and its diatracting me. I would recommend trying this. Anyone else find a specific genre that helps theme?

I was hoping someone would say they liked the witcher 3 it was between that and farcry primal i eenie meenie minnie moe’d it and was hoping i didnt regret it.

Is there any dlc i should get? there was a bunch and alot of it was free.

Haven’t checked out any of the dlc yet. I usually wait until it goes cheap - but if it is free why not.

BTW I am totally with you on the open world RPGs thing. Is by far my favourite genre. Love losing myself in a world. (That and I suck at fps games!)

I only liked one game and it was Final Fantasy XI. To me it was heaven in some ways. There was a dissolution of my usual sense of self that wanted to become apart of the world itself… or something.

It’s an MMO and I really loved everything about it: the music, the scenery, strategy, the people (some of them…)… was just the greatest experience ever. Played it for like 8-10 years.

Lately its too hard for me to actually play anything for a while and enjoy it. Get depressed pretty fast.

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I understand on really bad days i cant play anything but new meds have helped my mood. They havent stopped the voices and other things but a good mood makes it all easier to deal with.

I buy the disc of games.I own a Ps4,FIFA 14-16,but now I am into nogaming,so I am not into gaming

Yeah, I always download the digital version if there is one. I hate going to the store to buy things.


I mean what

Yeah I am all digital download, no discs.


I’m digital download, but I play on my computer and use steam/origin. I basically only use origin for battlefront 3 though. I actually bought the Witcher 3 during steams winter sale for $35 but haven’t even touched it… I know it looks amazing and is suppose to be wonderfully immersive but I don’t want to get dragged into a game right now.

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Digital distribution is the way to go. No disc swapping required to play different games. Most PC installs have always installed the entire game and just use the CD to authorize the program. Since the Xbox 360 players can install the contents of the DVDs onto their console as well. Has several benefits (Faster load times from HD, quieter as no disc is spinning, no risk to damaging the disc, slightly lower power consumption, less head generated.)

The benefit of used discs though… THEY ARE CHEAP!

I have a crap load of 360 games and Xbox games that I got for a total of 80$ by finally selling off my dreamcast stuff.

Not sure why but I prefer a disc + you can sell a hard copy

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I think im gonna start goin digital…its cheaper i can dl in the backround and it wont scratch or get lost.

The witcher 3 is amazing and immersive as hell. Im already hooked. I wouldnt recommend it for casual gamers. Its open world full of mythical beasts and demons and its like if skyrim and assassins creed had a wonderful streamlined updated baby.

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