Update on game hobby

so tonight i played 2 or 3 games of 7 rounds of spades and lost both the games, i did play the card game ‘spit’ for the first time and basically learned how to play while i was playing for my first time, and i won against the computer on medium difficulty level.

i have been trying to figure out if there is a card game that i can play online and compete in a tournament. the website vipspades has tournaments but i am only level 2 and the prereq is level 5 so still need to learn how to play better before i compete. so far i know i have been over bidding and getting in the negative on score points. so perhaps if i play more conservatively i may have a better chance at being more successful.

i still like to play chess, in all its complexity and art beauty. however i know that in order to become renown in chess you basically have to dedicate your life to it and play an exhausting amount of time each week if not like a regular minimum wage full time job lol!

i use to play rummy with a family member a lot and it meant a lot to me as well as i enjoyed it, however there is one guy here at the group home who plays everyday with staff members, idk if he wins alot or not i havent asked but he has been playing a lot, earlier this evening i proposed perhaps if anyone would be interested to play a tournament of rummy.
i know there is a national club for contact bridge but im not sure how to play it completely although it looks similar to spades card game.
i think i might do some extensive research into card games and learn which games have a good number of people who play consistently enough to have some regular competition.

if anyone of you know of card games that you can recommend let me know! this goes for cards with a classic deck not the magic the gathering or pokemon etc etc and whatnot.

the journey continues, on finding something i can win tournaments at!


Are u talking about cards… i thought it was pc games…!!!


im sorry, my bad man!

actually im talking about both, however i am expanding my reach to include classic card games and also fighting pc games.

its just right now i am trying to find a card game that is non poker or non gambling that i can enjoy. so tonight i am researching and experimenting with card games. about a day ago i was playing online matches on mortal kombat x


Do u have gaming pc…???

I used to play on my laptop couple of years ago…!!!

It no longer support any graphical games now…!!! Haha…!!

One of the biggest regrets of my life is spending over 10 years trying to play FPS games professionally. All I have to show for it is having the elbows of an 80 year old, at 35. No cartilage in them now!

I wish I had pursued business or education instead. I would have had plenty of fun in the process.

no i dont have a gaming pc, i just have a laptop i use to make beats on most of the time apart from doing research on whatever comes to mind…

@naturallycured i can see where that would feel like a waste of time, but there is a reason for everything. is we dont have anything to live for then we wouldnt have a life so to speak. so it helps to be involved with something that we can enjoy


I would have rather spent my time starting a family while running a business, or getting educated, rather than burning my youth on stupid games.

10 years is more than it takes to get a PhD, even. There’s still time to become someone useful in the world, but I really didn’t do myself any favors playing all those games.

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yea i can see what you mean about phd thing

however i know that some things at least for me anyway are probably unreachable without a insane motivational commitment to achieving them… and what i mean by that is having a lot of set backs or even dropping something due to return of symptoms such as schizophrenic episode relapse etc etc…

so i just try to do things i can have fun with and enjoy instead of trying to be official or someone who has authority with any certain thing since with that power comes responsibility and such

You don’t have to strive for some huge authoritative position, I just advise you to spend the time wisely, building up something that will benefit you in the future, not just something to kill time. The time will pass either way.

yea i agree. i do what i can and try to have fun… i know there are some people with schizophrenia that are better off than me as well as those who have more severe cases… so i try to do what i can as far as extending and reaching out to see what i can do for myself.

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play poker… it’s fast fun and you can win all the fake moneys…5 card stud and Texas hold em are the 2 i like…

i use to play poker a lot especially in my college days… there was one guy in our poker circle who ended up going down south to a casino and winning about $44,000 but since then the government banned all real money gambling and so i cant play on any of the sites the rest of the world can for real money… even the fraternal lodges got into some legal issues for hosting poker tournaments and not taxing it… so i pretty much gave that lifestyle up…

Oh not for real money… just friendly fake cash that cant be used outside of your poker profile. nothing so serious, illegal, or stressful…

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oh my bad must have overlooked your adjective

hey btw is your name from the river in germany?

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@noahide dad and I play cribbage all time. He gets the skunk hole often. Also I play rummy 500 and solitaire in all of its bitchen and forms. Love it all. :slight_smile:

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